Why everyone is so happy about SuperLeague failing? : football

    Even if the title could make think otherwise i actually am against this Superleague nonsense but the debate that was generated really disappointed me big time.

    All the sudden Uefa and Fifa became paladins of football, and all the crap they made in the last years was suddently forgotten or forgiven.

    As an AC Milan fan and i won’t forget what Uefa did in 2019 excluding us from the Europa League and for sure i won’t forgive it. After years of tolerance over abuses, UEFA decided to act against us, a club that after years of terrible results and poor managment was trying to build something.

    Rather than a team built on money i would have preferred a team built on ideas but i dont really blame them for trying to boost this process like Psg, Chelsea, Man City and others did in the past.

    PSG is a club basically owned by Qatar, sponsored by Qatar with over inflated sponsors that was allowed to do everything they wanted, spend insame amount of money and get away with it. Psg now is one of the richest clubs in the world, competing for the Champions League.

    Man City did the same for years too. Barcelona apparently is drowning in debts.

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    (Here an NY Times article about PSG)

    I made Milan example since i’m a fan but Serie A in general was affected, a lot of new investor came from Usa and China and found themselves unable to invest money as other could do in Premier League or Ligue 1 in the past which is the very reason behind their actual success.

    A few clubs were allowed to spend money like crazy rising the costs of wages, transfer costs and commissions for everyone.

    Qatar is going to host the next Fifa World Cup and everyone knows how was assigned and how they had to change all the calendars to make room for it during 2022 winter. And someone is surprised that PSG said no to SL?

    PSG president owns the company that broadcast sport in the middle east, 2022 World Cup is incoming and they are so powerful and influent (now even more) both in Uefa and Fifa that they basically own them. Why leaving?

    They decided to change FPP and CL only because Covid came in like a wrecking ball (cit.) and showed how poorly managed and fragile the system was.

    The SuperLeague appears from nothing and Blatter and Platini are already forgotten, Fifa and Uefa aren’t driven by money and greed and were never involved in any scandal, they are hero defending our beloved football and traditions. God bless them.

    Infantino and Ceferin both talk fervently about integrity, honesty, greed, moral values, fair competitiveness and everyone, moved, claps and start protesting against modern football greedy interest in making money, how dare them?

    Fifa starts threatening the Rebels. Their players will be disqualified from World Cup, Norway start considering to stop boycotting Qatar2022, seeing a chance of winning.

    Uefa threats to disqualify all the teams from all competitions, including the national leagues. West Ham, Atalanta and Sevilla start dreaming. Psg and Bayern meet to decide where to play the next CL final. Doha or Munich?

    Slav…ehm…People, after hearing Infantino talk about Qatar implementations in human rights and say that the 2022 World Cup will be the best in history are, reportedly, celebrating all over the country with Infantino’s pictures and burning Real Madrid flags.

    After two days the eternal SuperLeague fails (48h, Lol) and all the world joins Qatar celebrations. Football and his integrity is safe. The SL communication strategist is found dead in his room, according to police report he punched himself to death.

    Psg president replace Agnelli as Eca President. The rebels are defeated.

    Nothing has changed and everyone is happy. Fifa, PSG and Uefa can continue fighting for human rights and for a more fair football because football belongs to everyone, not just to a few rich clubs.

    We did it. Money didn’t win, not this time.

    Ps. I was unsure if keeping the part in which I speak about Milan, since I didn’t want to pass as a butthurt fan taking his revenge on Uefa and Fifa and maybe speak a little about other things like Italian Supercup played in China, Usa, Libya and Saudi Arabia. Calendars being changed drastically for tv reasons. Fifa officials being bribed all over the world. Qatar and Russia world cup assigned in shady ways. And many other things that I am leaving behind because the post is already too long.

    Sorry for the long post and the terrible english, have a nice day.

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