West Ham fans criticised for mass walkout at half time after being thrashed by Arsenal

    West Ham fans have been criticised for their mass walkout leaving the ground at half time after being thrashed by Arsenal.

    The Gunners beat West Ham 6-0 in record Premier League away win with Declan Rice scoring against former side, Bukayo Saka netting twice and Saliba, Magalhães and Trossard also getting on the scoresheet.

    The defeat becomes the heaviest suffered by West Ham in a home league game since 1963, and fans made their displeasure known at half time, with thousands exiting the stadium.

    Chris Sutton saw the scenes, and criticised West Ham fans who left early: “Well, I tell you who I want to hear from, Rob, a West Ham fan. I mean, there were hundreds and thousands who left the stadium at halftime.

    “The team was 4-0 down. But that, that’s not a true fan, Rob, is it? I mean, you’re not a true football fan. You’ve got to support your team through thick and thin.

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    “Gt you behind the. Get behind the team. You can’t leave at half time and then say, well, I’m a hammer. You’re not a hammer if you leave at half time. So go home. I’m not having that.

    Robbie Savage replied: “So you’re not a true football fan if your team’s getting thumped? You’ve got a season ticket…”

    Chris Sutton added: “It’s alright singing when you’re winning Rob, isn’t it? It’s okay doing that, isn’t it?”

    Robbie said: “They’re still true fans, Chris.”

    Speaking at half time, Roy Keane told Sky Sports: “There are ways to lose a football match – West Ham have not turned up.

    “They have not been physical, they are not tackling, no desire, no hunger, they look old and sluggish, they are not tracking back, no one has laid a glove on (Martin) Odegaard.

    “Moyes must be fuming at half-time, but all credit to Arsenal, they look sharp and at it and have turned up.

    “West Ham, though, a disgrace… shocking. I’m really frustrated with them. Arsenal are making the most of it. One or two touch, no one gets near them. Beautiful finish. Four nil.

    “I can’t believe what I’m watching. The way they get beaten physically, set-pieces… West Ham the last 10 or 15 minutes have been an absolute disgrace.”

    “It was too easy,” Keane added. “West Ham looked shell-shocked. At some stage, your pride has to kick in. For Rice’s goal, there were two or three players lining up to take the shot. West Ham really let their manager down today.

    “For Arsenal, it’s all positives off the back of last weekend. They’ve just had to keep that momentum going. To score six goals away from home is fantastic.

    “We can criticise West Ham all we want but credit to Arsenal. They were efficient, they were strong. The way they won the game with their set-pieces and aerial threat.

    Sky Sports’ Paul Merson: “Defending wise, if that happened in Under-10s football you’d be going, ‘seriously?!’

    “Not getting tight, showing them inside on to their proper foot, it is poor, I just think Arsenal made West Ham surrender and that is quite sad as a player as that is the one thing you do not want to do.

    “There is ways of losing football matches, that is a horrible way and I feel sorry for David Moyes as that is not a Moyes team out there, they have let him down today. They work hard and the one thing you do not get done at West Ham is by set-plays, and they were poor with them today.

    “For Arsenal, it is just a massive result, it has done the goal difference the world of good – if this was Man City today who had won that game 6-0, we would be waxing lyrical.

    “They have literally made West Ham surrender, they turned up, started well and carried it on and kept on going.

    “A brilliant, brilliant result by Arsenal. They are now putting their chances away and working hard. If you want to win the Premier League, you have to bounce back [from defeats] as quickly as you can and they have done that. That is what Man City do and they have worked hard and been hard to beat.

    “And fair play to them, they are right in this title race.”

    “It was too easy,” Keane added. “West Ham looked shell-shocked. At some stage, your pride has to kick in. For Rice’s goal, there were two or three players lining up to take the shot. West Ham really let their manager down today.

    “For Arsenal, it’s all positives off the back of last weekend. They’ve just had to keep that momentum going. To score six goals away from home is fantastic.

    Moyes told Sky Sports: “Yes, it certainly is [up there as one of the most disappointing days as manager of West Ham]. It’s one of those days which you don’t want to happen very often, and it happened today.

    “It’s not been like my teams in the past. I’ll take a bit of time and look at it and see if I can fix it. I take the responsibility, I pick the team but the players have to take responsibility.

    “It’s really important we do those jobs really well. We will always try to be as well organised as we can be. Arsenal were very good – we mustn’t take that away. We weren’t good.”

    When the images of fans leaving the ground at half-time were put to him, Moyes added: “I’m a football supporter… I understand that. I don’t think the direction the club is heading in is the wrong direction. It’s grown greatly since we came in. We were fighting relegation. We’re not fighting relegation today.

    “We were playing one of the top teams in the country who we took three points off earlier in the season so I have to say the club is in a really good place. We’ve had setbacks through the season and we’ll try and come back from this one the best we can.”

    Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta, speaking to Sky Sports: “I’m extremely happy. The way we performed, the way we played. Such a big score in a really difficult place tells you a lot about how well the boys played today.

    “It’s great to make [club] history especially the way we have done it. We’re in a good moment and we you have good moments you have to build and maintain the momentum. The team from the beginning looked really sharp. We had to put right the last two results against them and that was a good motivation for the boys.

    “When you talk about consistency at his [Bukayo Saka] age…what he has done in the last two or three seasons in remarkable. His attitude, his quality, what he delivers every week…it’s really difficult to find. That’s why he is so important to us.

    “It’s always difficult to come back to your old club. The fans were really good to him [Declan Rice] When he went to take the corner they clapped him so it’s great to see that kind of reception. He loves this club so much and I know what it meant to him to play today.

    “We have to share the goals. That desire and that commitment to get into the box to make things happen, it was excellent.”

    Arsenal skipper Martin Odegaard, speaking to Sky Sports: “Brilliant performance. From start to end we dominated and controlled everything. Today, we were really sharp in front of goal. I’m proud of the team. Coming from a big game [against Liverpool] and a big win and backing it up today with a great performance.

    “We are focusing on ourselves. We don’t care too much about the other teams. We keep working hard. It’s a good win but we move on.”

    Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka, speaking to Sky Sports: “We were 4-0 up in the first half and we could have scored more. We smelled blood today and went for the kill.”

    On passing 50 Arsenal goals: “I am really happy to achieve that. I missed some chances that I could have scored but it is a great achievement and I am proud of that.”

    Twitter users reacted after seeing West Ham fans criticised for the mass walkout at half time after being thrashed by Arsenal…

    @GordonFielden: If you been there seeing Moyes dross since the new year you’d would walk out, in doing so making sure both owners & media new we’ve had enough off Moyes. And to the media, we are the fan base not you. so stop keep telling us we should be happy with his crap football.

    @A_A_L_1986: Problem is all you media darlings watch from the galleries or from the studio. Actually, go to a game & mix in with the fans. pay almost £70 for a ticket, plus £7 for a beer, £8 for a burger, pay for travel which gets suspended & then tell me whether the football is acceptable

    @nickpaulroper1: Bloke is a clown. He doesn’t have to watch this dross every week. Who is he to criticise hard working people who pay a fortune to watch football and get dished up this rubbish? Worst pundit on radio. Average footballer too.

    @FrazerRamon_: I stayed all 90+10 added mins in total but it dosent make me more of a fan! The players got payed to play like that, we had to pay to watch it! So, fans can boo, cheer, and/or leave whenever they like. So an ex player telling fans what’s what is a bit rich tbh

    @leeclarke27: If you went to a restaurant and paid good money for a meal, the chef put out the most burnt and disgusting meal he could do, are you saying you still have to eat it?

    @neilcurtis1969: I stay if im honest, how about talking about the players not turning up, never mind leaving, and they get paid for that,, how about players refunding fans, i dont leave but cant blame fans if they do

    @GlennSm45963194: I agree with Chris, I went to the leeds arsenal game a few years ago when we lost 4-1 but still singing loud and proud till the end

    @TomTuckerWHUFC: Us Fans have probably had enough of watching the same style of football that is low block, soak up the pressure and hopefully hit them on the counter with the slowest players in the league it doesn’t work anymore and the media no full well how we play

    @jumbo469: Why would you clap your team off after they played dreadful and lost 6 – nil, isn’t that sending the wrong message Chris, just saying

    @JReadingAloud87: Listening to people who were paid to be there slag off the little people who weren’t..

    @Dazzairons: Typical @chris_sutton73 trying to make himself relevant. Maybe pay for a ticket and have some heart for a club to understand what it means

    @jaymeeteewhu98: Do I agree with Chris? No. No I fucking don’t. I’d like him to of sat there watching that dismal, pathetic, shameful performance. ????????⚒️????

    @shaunlevett: No Chris. You ARE a hammer if you do that. They do it all the time when losing, as well as moan constantly. I don’t know what they expect from their team. They are a middling club and are in the top half ????????‍♂️

    @MatthewWragg8: I’m sorry you spend your hard earned money to go watch your team .. probs 50 quid for West Ham fans… 4-0 at half time … why waste rest of your afternoon there?? Such prat! And such a take!

    @SNewma00: Left at HT, should have been earlier. Cunts like Sutton won’t understand what pride means

    @Kai_taylor5: Supported this team through thick and thin and watching that shit , isn’t something I wanna be doing on my Sunday

    @EmmzyHammers86: Who are you to criticise fans when they’re losing 4-0 at half time? Did you pay for their tickets? I don’t think so! It’s not just us, though, is it? Other fans from many clubs have done it in the past when they’ve had to endure such a poor performance. Give your head a wobble!

    @_WalkerTom99_: When was the last time you paid to go to a football match you monumental weapon? We can do whatever we want, was an absolute horror show

    @shanyloublog: Chris Sutton… ZERO games played at West Ham. What does he know about being a Hammer and what it means?! Fans spend their hard earned money on following their team, they can leave when they want with a performance like that.

    @freddie1m: I pay for the ticket I’ll leave whenever the fuck I want

    @Anthony_Has: Don’t very often agree with @chris_sutton73 but he has a point here.
    Stay and support your side.
    Jeer them if you like.
    Let it be known how you feel.
    Don’t leave at HT

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