Unai Emery shows ruthless fans the middle finger after being trolled outside St Mary’s

    Unai Emery shows ruthless fans the middle finger in a savage response to being trolled outside St Mary’s Stadium over the weekend.

    The Villarreal boss was back in England for pre-season, with the Spaniard seeing his team secure a positive 2-1 victory over Southampton.

    But his return to the UK didn’t go all according to plan as footage below shows the 50-year-old manager being targeted by a group of young fans at the Saints, mercilessly mocking him as he signed their autographs by the side of the team bus.

    In the clip, Emery can be seen approaching and signing an autograph. But as he goes to sign, a young fan holding the camera can be heard saying: “Unai Emery, say ‘Good ebening.’ Say it.”

    Emery looks up at the camera unimpressed, before going on to sign the autograph as another fan behind the camera shouts: “Unai Emery, I think you did very well at Arsenal,” sarcastically poking fun at the fact he was sacked by the club in November 2019 after little over a year in charge.

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    As can be seen, a triggered Emery offers a smile before waving his middle finger at the group of trolls, before the crowd erupts into cheers and jeers.

    This moment would have brought back memories of the manager’s dismal tenure in charge of the Gunners, where he was unfairly taken this piss out of due to his accent and pronunciation.

    He took over in the summer of 2018 after Arsene Wenger’s retirement with a lot of work needed. After a solid spell initially, Arsenal’s 2018/19 season saw them suffer a heavy Europa League final defeat to Chelsea in Baku to miss out on Champions League football.

    After that, the writing was on the wall as the Gunners looked a shadow of their former selves with the atmosphere at the Emirates becoming more hostile and dressing room which eventually saw the Spaniard sacked the following November.

    He later said to The Guardian his thoughts on the trolling, saying: “I had a decent level [speaking the English language], although I needed to improve.

    “When results are bad it’s not the same. You lack the linguistic depth to explain. And take ‘good ebening’: OK, it’s ‘good evening’, but when I said ‘good ebening’ and won it was fun; when we were losing it was a disgrace.”

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    Fans reacted as Unai Emery shows ruthless fans the middle finger after being trolled outside St Mary’s…

    @AFC_Yusuf: The guy took the piss tbf

    @afcbazz: Fair play to him 🤣

    @1tigermontana: If you can give it you have to take it fair play to UE

    @19KhanIm: Nah I’ve not seen a middle finger put up with so much distain in a long time 😭😂😂

    @d3anr: How you trolling a bloke if you can’t speak more than one language 🤷🏻‍♂️

    @WhufcSloth: Always liked Emery & thought he got a really rough ride on social media, but this is perfect! 😂

    @Huss_AMPM: Glad he took it with a good sense of humor but the people filming were absolute assholes… he’s a nice dude who just didn’t happen to work out at Arsenal. No need to hound him about it and especially no need to mock his accent right in front of him

    @T_Walton91: I hated that shit, mocking a man for trying to speak the language. Dead

    @NeelabhSinha2: Ngl never found the good evening stuff funny, I mean it was calm at first but the people really overdid it.

    @TenSlag: Icl I find this very disrespectful in so many levels. Mocking his accent has clear xenophobic undertones. Guys tried to learn the language and all he does it get the piss taken out of him. Not even funny

    @ANT_LCFC: I don’t get the constant bashing of Emery quality manager didn’t work our at Arsenal had the opportunity to be a complete dickhead when knocking Arsenal out of EL Semi Final on there own patch but instead carried himself with class.

    @cliffy_dude: Haha.. proper cu*nts got what they deserved

    @UtdJamie__: Fair play to the guy for making an effort in learning the language and trying to be polite 👍🏼

    @saadfootballl: Fair enough. Even after winning a Europa league he’s still being treated like a meme. Good for him.

    @JonDT96: Honestly if you throw a camera phone in a football players/managers face & try get a reaction for TikTok clout, you’re a tosser.

    @tosi1886: good on him. i never found the jokes about his accent funny at all.

    @speziaIs: Will never not love this man

    @T4NAA: Don’t blame him. What a dumb thing to say.

    @AdamRJ99: What do you expect from mocking him

    @DeulofeuSZN: Deserved, imagine making fun of someone’s English when if it came to him speaking Spanish he’d shit his pants

    @Saydoh: 😂😂😂😂😂 need more of this tbh

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