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    Football is about big emotions and lots of vivid memories. But fans attend team matches to see as much spectacle as possible. By spectacle, we mean beautiful goals.

    Many fans are drawn to teams not only for their goals but also for their unusual celebrations. Some players are remembered for their goal celebrations more than their play. But these are isolated instances. Nevertheless, most celebrations have become unique and fans often imitate the players by repeating their moves.

    What categories of goal celebrations can football players have

    Many elements when scoring goals are repeated by footballers one after another. But some of them differ significantly. In general, however, the following categories of goal celebrations can be recognized:

    • spread arms;
    • corner flag;
    • ironic celebrations;
    • acrobatic stunts;
    • use of the finger;
    • dancing;
    • use of t-shirts;
    • arrogant narcissism;
    • dedication to children or pregnant wives;
    • brush gestures.

    Each of these celebrations has its characteristics and many footballers have been remembered by fans through such performances.

    Arms outstretched

    This is how Lionel Messi, David Villa, Paul Pogba, and many others celebrated goals. But Vincenzo Montella was the most memorable. Unlike other players, he spread his arms wide and changed their direction depending on his movement. It felt like he was showing an airplane. Fans often called him an airplane for this celebration.

    Another bright representative in this category is Alan Shearer. But he raised one finger and fully extended his right arm. Such an image of Shearer is depicted on the monument to the footballer near the stadium of his native club Newcastle.

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    Near the corner flag

    Fans can make btts predictions on matches, but not on what the players will do to the corner flag during their celebrations. Someone would just run up to them and stand next to them as if at the helm. Neymar at one time would just reach for it and “shoot” it like a shotgun. Didier Drogba used the flag as a guitar, etc.

    However, the most unusual celebrations for the fans were 2 celebrations. The first involved players jumping up onto the flag with both feet to hit it. Huntelaar was the one who stood out the most with this celebration. The second option was to use the flag as a punching bag. Tim Cahill of Australia was one of the first to use this method of celebration. He was followed by Kevin-Prince Boateng.

    Ironic celebrations

    In this category is all the cheering when players were at odds with the haters etc. The most glaring variant was Eto`o’s actions. When Jose Mourinho said in an interview at Chelsea that Samuel was too old, the player scooped up the ball, walked to the corner flag, and sprinted towards it like a stick. At the same time, he held his other hand behind his back, portraying an old man who can still be of use to the team.

    Another representative in this category can be considered Jurgen Klinsmann. He could not get used to the tough English football for a long time. Therefore, he often fell from the first touches, but in 1994 not every contact was considered a foul. For the constant falls, fans and the press called him a “diver”. So Jürgen after scoring goals began to just… dive on the pitch with his arms stretched out in front of him. This was his way of mocking the haters.

    Acrobatic stunts

    One of the most popular ways to cheer. They were performed by hundreds of players doing forward somersaults, triple somersaults, and many other stunts. For most coaches, such celebrations are heart-wrenching, as a player could get injured on the flat spot. But they are not stopped even by fair criticism of such celebrations.

    The most prominent representatives of such a category can be named Obafemi Martins, Luis Nanni, and Julius Agahova (who made 8 jumpers in a row).

    Using your finger

    The most popular in this category would be pressing your index finger to your lips. For example, after goals, Raul kissed his ring finger with his wedding ring on it. After FIFA banned the presence of any jewelry on players, Raul simply continued to kiss his finger as if it still had a ring on it.

    Many players put their thumb to their mouth after having a baby supposedly showing a small baby with a dummy. Francesco Totti or Roman Zozulya did this most often. Ronaldo used to point his index finger at opponents, for which he was disliked by opposing fans.


    A very popular way of celebrating because the number of dances could be used to make btts predictions (many dances – many goals). It is actively used by players from South America or Africa. For example, Ronaldinho often danced salsa near the touchline. Peter Crouch danced like a robot, which also amused fans, and many even suggested he patent such a dance. The last unusual dance was a tgl from Antoine Griezmann (a repeat of a dance from the game Fortnite).

    Use of T-shirts

    Today you can get a yellow card for taking off your shirt, but in the past, this trick was regularly used by footballers. Fabrizio Ravanelli is considered the first in this category. After him, many players began to repeat.

    Now this way of celebrating has been interpreted as an attempt to convey a message or to dedicate a goal to someone else. It can also be a tribute to the club. And Paul Pogba would lift his shirt and underneath it was another shirt with the rhetorical question, “Why always me?”.

    An arrogant display of self

    Given celebrations in the history of football have been many. The same Balotelli often stood with a bare torso, having taken off his shirt. Ibrahimovic also celebrated and was not even stopped by the possibility of receiving a yellow card. Francesco Totti would simply point to the family name on his shirt.

    For example, Rooney could get into the pose of a cross after beautiful goals so that he could be associated with God. Michael Laudrup could simply lie on his side to show that he felt no resistance from his opponents and scoring a goal was like lying on the beach for him.

    Dedication to children or pregnant women

    Footballers often use it to thank their wives for the birth of their children or to congratulate their teammates on the occasion. The first to use this gesture was Bebetto. But today it is used by almost all players at the opportunity. Also often the players of the whole team line up and swing their arms to the side as if depicting a cot with a small child. This way congratulate their mates on the addition to the family.

    Also, many celebrated goals by sticking the ball under the shirt. This was a way to show that his spouse is pregnant and they dedicated their scored goals to them.

    Wrist gestures

    A variety of gestures were used by different footballers. For example, Nicolas Anelka depicted a butterfly by folding his arms diagonally on his chest. Griezmann depicted a ringing phone. As it turned out this gesture was borrowed from the famous rapper Drake. Luca Toni put his hand next to his ear to make up with a friend who thought that the footballer did not listen to him, etc. 

    And how not to remember the Hawaiian shakka movement from Ronaldinho or the patented heart-shaped celebration from Gareth Bale. Today, the Welshman produces clothes with this brand.


    Of course, these are not all celebrations can be listed in this category. Moreover, footballers often celebrate in different ways Conditional Cristiano Ronaldo has more than 10 different ways to celebrate, including his signature jump. However, the above categories contain the most popular gestures used by famous footballers and later imitated by their younger counterparts.

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