Thank f*** Liverpool won the title now and not in 2014

    Again, if the thoughts you sent to are not here they will be in tomorrow’s Mailbox. Liverpool fans are giddy for some reason.


    A more sober mail
    Just watched Klopp’s emotional interview on TV, describing what this means to him, and watching him struggling to hold back the tears. There was Dalglish and Souness, absolute Liverpool legends showering Klopp with praise and telling him that even they in their own era could not produce the type of consistency that this team does. And through this, what shone through most is the humility of Klopp. This fantastic manager, with humility, class and plenty of humanity, deserves this so much, just like the players, and all the fans.

    31 games. 28 wins. 2 draws. 1 loss. Super, phenomenal achievement, worthy champions in any era of football. Completely demolished the rest of the league (with respect to Watford lol), and one of the most dominant and undisputed title wins in recent memory. Best defence in the league, 2nd best attack in the league, last minute winners, just the complete package.

    Klopp has delivered us the Champions League, and now the League both in the span of 12 short months. This has been the greatest period of my life, and I’m sure many others, supporting Liverpool, and I thank the Club, the managers, the players and the fans for all coming together to deliver this glorious period in Liverpool FC’s history. Many more successes to come in the future, of this I am certain. Congratulations fellow Red’s. Drink it in, savor it, this is history we are living right now.

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    Champions of England. Champions of Europe. Champions of the World.


    Oh, what a feeling
    All fans have their reason why they support their club. Some are born in the area, move there or are persuaded by their parents. Others find their way to the club in a different way. My relationship with Liverpool is the latter.

    I was never much of a football fan before the age of 12. My dad liked football but was never passionate about it, and my group of friends in early primary weren’t really football fans either. However, between the age of 12 and 14 I went from a child who didn’t care about football to one that was utterly obsessed. This is probably best illustrated international tournaments. Euro 96 almost passed me by. I remember Scotland v England happening but don’t think I watched it all and I remember England’s penalty shootout against Germany. That’s about it. By World Cup ’98 I was completely enthralled, watching every game I could. I remember all of Scotland’s games, England’s shootout loss, adopting the Dutch as my team (after Scotland were eliminated) and France’s eventual triumph.

    Between these tournaments, in the Summer of ’97 I visited Anfield. We were on a school residential and we did a day trip to Liverpool and a stadium tour. We got to go into the dressing room and take photos with the players’ shirts. I was beginning to become interested in football at this time, however my lack of football knowledge can be illustrated by my assumption that Jamie Redknapp must be the best player, because his shirt had created the longest queue (I failed to notice that this queue was entirely made up of girls).

    Despite my football inexperience, my enthusiasm was growing and my visit to Anfield gave me a reason to pick a team. Liverpool was for me. As interest turned to obsession, my walls were soon adorned with posters of Fowler, McManaman, Owen and others. Despite having the most tenuous of links to the club, my love for Liverpool had begun and it has never stopped.

    There have been ups, with Champions League and other cup wins, nearly moments, the most hurtful being 2014 and the 2018 Champions League and extended downs but it’s all been a wonderful journey. I never stopped loving everything about the club, the fans, the atmosphere, the history, the spirit and You’ll Never Walk Alone.

    We’re regularly reminded of our lack of recent success, and while that has certainly hurt, it has made it all the more sweet now it has finally arrived. I’ve been waiting 23 years to see my club win the league and the feeling now it has happened is pretty hard to describe. So thank you Jurgen, thanks to the players, thanks to the fans. I’m going to enjoy this for a long time to come.
    Mike, LFC, London


    This does not slip
    I said it in these pages two years ago when I was starting to see what Liverpool were becoming under Klopp;

    Gerrard’s slip – as painful as it was, was the best thing that happened to us. Without it, Rodgers gets the keys to the City (he would never be fired after winning the league), and we slip back to fighting for top 4. Meanwhile, Klopp goes to Arsenal.

    I got derided massively, people saying ‘you’ve won nothing yet, of course you’d rather have won the league’.

    I meant it then, and surely people can see it now. What a sliding doors moment.

    Gerrard’s pain, is Liverpool’s gain
    Dom Littleford


    Justice for Lawro
    Remember when mediawatch used to take the piss out of lawro for not predicting a Liverpool defeat?

    I know they’ve lost two league matches in two years, but it’s insane.

    Champions. F**king champions. At last.
    Rob, Brighton


    Fergie, Torben Piechnik, Coventry City, Cantona ’96, Barcelona ’99, Diouf, Mourinho, John O’Shea, Inzaghi 07, Hicks & Gillett, Freddy Macheda, Hodgson, Demba Ba, Crystanbul, 6 1 v Stoke, Karius v Madrid… 30 years of frustration washed away in 12 months of sheer brilliance… What a manager, what a team… Get in you Reds!
    Dominic Fallon, Galway.


    Throw in the towel
    Afternoon MC,

    Where’s all the throw-in coach haters now?
    Si, LFC 


    The monkey is off our backs
    It wasn’t the way we wanted to do it. It wasn’t the current worldwide climate we wanted to do it in. It wasn’t ideal not winning a game ourselves to clinch it. It wasn’t ideal having to watch on my own because I can’t see my mates. None of this is ideal, but it doesn’t matter. We’ve got the monkey off our back, Finally.

    I’m not going to add anything else – above all, it’s is a feeling of relief. There’ll be no gloating (apart from this one, small mail). There’ll be no flares, mo mass gatherings or open top bus parades (I hope), and maybe that’s a good thing – because otherwise we’d just be living up the stereotype of ‘the insufferables’.

    At least now we don’t have to try and convince everyone that ‘next year will be our year’. Ain’t nobody forgetting 2020, which means ain’t nobody forgetting Liverpool won the prem. Sorry.
    Lee (party at mine when it’s safe to do so), LFC


    Cheers, Pep
    Of course I’m elated. I never expected this team to be able to go again after losing with 97 points.

    But I want to say thank you to Pep and City. Without their 100 and 98 and resetting what is ‘normal’ for champions, I really don’t think Klopp could have possibly got Liverpool playing “every game like it’s the last game”.

    It’s the sort of rivalry you’d love to see a decade of, and in the one league…
    Aussie Red


    The rebuild
    Really interesting reading your piece on Klopp’s first press conference. Arguably the biggest takeaway was his realisation the defence needed fixed before the attack could flourish: “you can only stay confident in a game when you know not each offensive move of the other team is a goal”

    Which is why your other piece on what’s needed for Man City’s rebuild is baffling. Yes, City lack consistent and athletic attacking full backs, but surely the rebuild must start with the defensive spine.

    Kompany not being replaced (coupled with Laporte’s injury) killed City this season. They’ve conceded 50% more goals than the champions. A quality CB worthy of Ederson and Laporte’s company should be priority #1
    Graeme, Glasgow 


    *Let’s get this out the way congratulations Liverpool fans you are deserved winners this year.

    *I’m sorry but I think Man City’s rebuild starts further back and everything will be dependant on a decision that will be made in  about 2 weeks. Laporte needs a proper partner .

    They, lucked out with Foden but still need to replace Sane and will need a back up for the inevitable De Bruyne injury (if he stays) ,Replacing the defenders will not be easy either .Pep alone has spent over 200 million full backs alone,It’s not just a question  of money players who have worked out in  blue elsewhere Stones ,Lescott, Mangala have failed at the Ethihad.

    The tactics will also need brushing up it can’t be a coincidence that they lost 8 this year the bulk of them the  more tactical games , against teams that sit deep and don’t allow them tip tap there way through If Pep was a DNA boy ( technically he is ) his tactics would be  questioned.

    * Instead of deriding the DNA boys why not embrace them and make next year arce about them versus the legendary Managers really that should be the new narrative it already looks like Frank and Ole are  getting the hang of it as they are likely to finish 2 and 3rd in the mini league,Both might be even  higher up the full table next year if you stop setting only short term goals and let them both keep refining their squads.

    And this is includes Ole’s  main  striker situation . Utd  don’t  have a flat track bully equipped to take on small  clubs. (AY from the previous mailbox mis -interpreted what  I was saying,I still maintain finishing top 4 is not the be all and end all, refining Greenwood /Martial and  getting the recruitment right is.

    * Sheffield United actually need this game, as much as Arsenal, if they win they could be two games away from Wembley and a potential European place , Lose  their next premiership game against Spurs they may find it difficult to make it from the league .Personally, I would treat both ,as important,
    Timi, MUFC


    Fan mail
    I have watched a lot of football over the last week (proberbly too much) and have come to the conclusion that without the fans it’s just 22 blokes running around a bit of grass chasing a sphere.

    I know most clubs couldn’t give a toss about the people that come, week in week out, at continuingly stupid kick off times so the TV can get the maximum out of the advertising slots but without the poor sods who turn up week after week I don’t think its worth watching (even with the 1970’s canned US sitcom laughter).

    If empty stadiums become the norm then I think I am going to switch to Netflix. I wonder how many people out there feel the same way?

    Still, at least I’m getting money off next years season ticket for missed matches (whenever that starts).
    Paul (God I really miss a pre match pint) Norris


    Coming up on 10 millions cases worldwide and half a million deaths, with over 40,000 people in the UK dying from a virus that has affected everyone, not just deaths, but losing jobs to the very way we live today, as globally we try to stop the spread of this.


    you have thousands of morons celebrating at Anfield. To all those front line workers, to everyone who lost a loved one from the virus; each and every single idiot who turned up to Anfield last night just spat in your face. Absolutely moronic


    Here’s to you, Dom, Dublin
    As you asked so nicely,

    – “This is nothing, come back when you’ve done the treble”
    – “Ole is the man, watch the Pogba, Fernandez partnership flourish next year”
    Actually… F##k it
    – “Next year is our year, you’ll see”

    In all seriousness though congrats to Liverpool, leaves a bitter taste in my mouth but you clearly deserved it.

    I would advise too that you focus on enjoying what LFC have done, not relishing in the hurt you’ve caused others by pi$$ing on their chips.

    Coz obviously no else would ever rub their success in other teams faces….
    Simon, Manchester, MUFC (umm… anyone else watch the Burnley game?)


    Waging war
    I just want to say that was a brilliant article on wages at football clubs / the UK.

    Being from Australia where our minimum wage is roughly $20 an hour I was told recently about wages in the UK and it shocked me. Not to say we’re any better because some people here still rely on food banks and government assistance.

    It’s great to see a company / website with a significant presence call it out because it’s appalling.

    £4.55? What does that even get you? Its ridiculous especially in London considering it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world.

    Keep on keeping on F365.

    If anything lockdown has got you hitting the hard topics which I’m sure you would do anyways if there wasn’t so much reportable nonsense during the regular season.

    Rahil MUFC 


    Leices is more
    A question for Leicester fans…

    With just two wins and 10 points from their last 10 League games, and with 5 of their last 7 games vs teams in the top half of the table (plus Everton away), are any Leicester fans nervous about not qualifying the Champions League next season?  Before the winter break it looked an absolute certainty.

    Even if Manchester City don’t get their ban overturned, they’re only 6 points (and a massive GD) ahead of a 6th placed Wolves side that don’t have to combine domestic with European football anymore?

    What’s gone wrong for Leicester?
    Lloyd Stiles, only interested because I think Rodgers is the biggest fraud in football, THFC, Vienna.


    16 Conclusions. Again.
    Hi F365,

    You guys had 16 Conclusions on Man United versus Sheffield United but you’ve got Zero Conclusions on Chelsea versus Man City?

    After months without football we had a genuine battle between two teams from the top four which demonstrated strengths (and a few weaknesses) from Chelsea and weaknesses (and a few strengths) from Man City and you decide to not publish 16 Conclusions?

    It’s not too late – please publish 16 Conclusions  on the Chelsea versus Man City game. Please!

    Tim (CFC) Ireland

    MC – If you’re not careful you’ll never get any Conclusions ever again. Now go to your room.


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