talkSPORT pundit demands Sky Sports to be axed for the sake of football

    talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan have been widely praised as he demands that Sky Sports is to be axed for the sake of football going forward.

    Whilst on the ‘White and Jordan Show’, he reiterates why football fans and football clubs need a new Netflix-style broadcast platform.

    A one-minute clip of him speaking on what he thinks should happen, has been uploaded to social media, getting over 1,000 likes and nearly viewed 100,000 times with the majority in agreement with him.

    He said: “What should happen, and what could happen, if this does that properly, is that the structure in the football, that monetizes itself properly, the building of a platform, that takes it’s own content, and broadcasts it’s own content, and then build a distribution model that feeds the Premier League, reduces the cost implications that watch football, either on digital format or on television terrestrial or Sky or on live games, drive the price down, because it can monetize itself for the framework of broadcasting it’s own content.

    Sky have been phenomenal for football, football does not need Sky anymore, it can broadcast it’s own platform, because the nature of it’s desire and the Netflix model of broadcasting has proven, that a broadcaster that doesn’t have content can be worth £255billion, which is what Netflix are worth, football, which does have content, and does own it’s own content, but currently seeds it out to broadcasters and confederations like UEFA, can do it itself.

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    The talkSPORT pundit’s wish for the Premier League to become ‘the Netflix of Football’ is looking increasingly likely to becoming a reality.

    But long could we be from that? After all, a year ago, league’s new CEO, Richard Masters, revealed they are actively working on plans to launch a Netflix-style digital streaming channel, selling live games direct to fans.

    Trials of a new ‘Over The Top’ (OTT) service that cuts out traditional broadcasters could start as early as 2022, in select test markets overseas. If successful, it could revolutionise the way football is watched.

    “During the last [rights bidding] process [for the 2019-22 seasons] we spent quite a lot of time and invested a lot of resources in building our expertise and capacity in ‘direct-to-consumer’,” said Masters. – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

    “We considered whether strategically it would be the right time to test a few markets then and decided not to.

    “We were ready last time and we will be ready next time should the opportunity arise. Eventually the Premier League will move to a mix of direct-to-consumer and [traditional] media rights sales.”

    The Premier League and its 20-teams currently heavily rely on broadcasting revenue, with bosses agreeing a deal in 2015 that run until 2019 that was worth £5.14bn.

    But Jordan believes the Premier League can blow those figures out of the water, while also giving fans a cheaper and more effective service, by launching their own worldwide product online.

    “I think they’ve got to become their own broadcaster, set up their own platform and become a VOD – video on demand – broadcaster,” he said a while back.

    talkSPORT pundit demands for Sky Sports to be axed for the sake of football

    “Then they would be able to remove the price parameters people are resisting now with the traditional broadcasters.

    “People are churning off Sky and they’re churning off BT because they don’t want to pay £75 or £80 a month, they don’t think it’s justified.

    “If you brought in a Netflix of football, got 100million subscribers around the world paying £9 a month, you’d have no churn because no one would be able to resist that price point.

    “You’d bring in £11billion every year rather than £8.1billion every three years, and you’d build a model that would have enormous revenues, sustainability capital grown and an unbelievable reach.”

    Currently any viewer in the UK who wants to watch every televised Premier League game legally needs to subscribe to Sky, BT Sport and Amazon Prime.

    Paying for all three typically costs about £912 a year, or an eye-watering £76 a month. No wonder streaming is something most football fans have done at some point in the last decade or so.

    Fans praised the talkSPORT pundit as he demands for Sky Sports to be axed for the sake of football…

    @hennrs: I’d be all for it. Package of £30 p/m for example for the entirety of English leagues including domestic competitions. Added extra for European. Absolute win-win.

    @danpower10: I’d say Jim loved that answer ?

    @Flxzfy: The premier league make their own streaming platform that cuts sky and bt out the deal entirely so all revenue generated in turn goes to the premier league, and in turn they can lower the price as they don’t have to worry about sky or bt also wanting to make profits.

    @Murph1d: Couldn’t agree with this more. Needs to follow the NBA model for watching the games. Sky have ripped us off for years!

    @CliqueSport: Agreed ? it’s madness that American customers get access at ridiculously low prices compared to British customers. They’ve been fleecing the fans for too long.

    @e_king_86: I use to work with a bloke from Bangladesh who told me sky sports is less than £5 a month out there … how can they be charged less for our game than us it ain’t right … I’m all for worldwide access but the homegrown fans are the ones that should he priortised, in all sport

    @wefollowunited: Absolutely spot on. I have no idea why this hasn’t already happened.

    @MattSnellov: 1000 times YES!!!

    @Al3xGone: @Sjopinion10 doesn’t miss.

    @BeardedMule: This 100%. The only thing I watch on Sky Sports is the football

    @kengrogan1: Always talks sense!!

    @Hugodrax0077: Sky created this big six monster this is partially their fault

    @machutuck: Spot on, again and again. Someone in power listen to this guy please

    @marksmith1973: I only watch football so a channel just pure football and not involving sky or BT would be great.

    @manxpie86: Sell TV season tickets, every game available so I’d buy @NUFC one they’d make a load more money then actual season tickets are the very 1st thing that gets cut, so much cheaper for match going fans. Then bring in a proper spending rule that means clubs can get out of there debt

    @MarcReynolds1: He’s right again

    @PatrickJanczak: We have that here in Canada its an app called DAZN has all the PL and CL Europa and Seria A games pretty wicked I must say costs 19.99 Canadian a month or 150 for the year

    @_GingerLee: What English football needs is 1) a salary cap 2) 51/49 split of fan/owner ownership 3) fan representation on the boards and 4) a single broadcaster which also has what they can charge capped!

    @GW_94: @premierleague this

    @joshgregory64: Totally agree

    @ChurchesJamie: Bet jim white hated that shout

    @LloydDaviesNB: Been thinking that the #PremierLeague should do this for years! For sure it will bring more people to game and bring costs down.

    @Brett_leverton: Been saying this for ages. @NBA and @NFL apps and platforms are incredible. Follow suit.

    @kafeitiere: Not always liked what Simon Jordan comes out with, but he’s bang on about the broadcasting of football. Stop splitting up the games and the fans hard earned money and create a single subscription programme for all the Premier league games. Everyone wins.

    @TravisShawuk: Yes this is exactly what they should be doing!

    @TobiasJBax: At last someone has said this! SKYs coverage over the last 48 hours has been so one sided and driven by the fact that football doesn’t need Comcast/Sky. Whoever owns the content has the power. Better for fans better for clubs, cut out the middleman (Sky).

    @LfcAndriy: He’s dead right about this. The broadcasters syphon off 10’s of billions of pounds from the game. The FA/premier league should take it back distribute it more fairly within the football pyramid

    @stephmcd90: Been saying this for year. @RangersTV should tell sky where to go and broadcast all games on @RangersTV in the UK. Surely more money to be made that way?

    @FrankRiddle90: This! This is the future, fuck sky off. Set up “English football TV” £365 a year. Stream all football teams across England. Sky need football a lot more than they need sky.

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