Take your European Super League and shove it where the sun don’t shine

    They want to form a European Super League…Fantastic!

    Let them!

    However, by the way, you won’t now be able to play in the Premier League, League Cup or FA Cup and the England manager won’t be able to choose any of your players for World Cup finals and European Championships.

    Can you imagine how much more competitive the Premier League would be without the super clubs being able to buy their top six places?

    Where a club’s financial clout was determined by backsides on seats and not the bottomless pockets of oligarchs and oil-rich countries using the mass popularity of our beautiful game to justify their outdated and barbaric civilisations?

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    Can you remember when the FA Cup was the highlight of the calendar because it was the only live TV football you ever saw?

    Can you remember when European nights were phenomenal because they were rare and, if you weren’t in the ground, you only got to see highlights after the event?

    Already, UEFA Champions League games are so numerous that TV audiences are dwindling and, even as a huge football fan, I certainly don’t watch them all now (I would suggest that the reintroduction of a straight knockout European Cup would send the ratings soaring).

    There is a finite amount of TV revenue and any being spent on any European Super League project would inevitably result in less domestic revenue.

    I would therefore urge everyone outside the “big six” to offer them an ultimatum – you’re either with us or competing against us, you decide!

    Familiarity breeds contempt and no European Super League could ever engender the passion of, for example, local derbies.

    Take your European Super League and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    If you want to tweak European club football competition, feel free, but for football to retain its global popularity, the pyramid system must be paramount; no “exclusive” privileges for the so-called “elite”.

    The reason the Premier League is the wealthiest and most-watched in the world is largely due to the fact that, on any given day, West Brom can beat Chelsea.

    If the “big six” want to walk away, good riddance, but don’t think you can have your cake and eat it!


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