Spanish police slammed for treatment of Man Utd fans in away end at Villarreal

    Spanish police have been slammed for their treatment of Man Utd fans in the away end at Villarreal during the Champions League fixture.

    According to reports, Red Devils supporters were manhandled and charged at by heavy handed officers with batons striking some of the spectators.

    Manchester United beat the La Liga outfit in the Champions League Group F tie, with thanks to Jadon Sancho getting his first goal since arriving at the Old Trafford outfit after Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring to seal their place into the knockout stages of the tournament.

    However, while things went to plan for the English side on the pitch during the 90 minutes, scenes off it have angered and annoyed the travelling fans who were in attendance at the Estadio de la Cerámica.

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    In a video published to social media site Twitter, Spanish police could be seen wearing full riot gear before entering the away end where United’s supporters were housed.

    The post claims that they were present to ‘clear a walkway’, however scenes quickly turned ugly as the police began to manhandle a number of fans with one supporter taken down and beaten up, also in the video.

    While it remains to be what provoked the police to get brutal, ISLO (Independent supporter liaison officer for Manchester United match going fans) claim that they had no reason to react like they did.

    They tweeted: “Spanish Police in the United end in full riot gear. There’s never any trouble in our away ends in Europe and there no justification for this brutality from the Spanish Police. All this to clear a walkway. Disgusting.”

    In response to the video, Football Supporters Europe (FSE) stated that the ‘unprovoked’ actions of the police are “deeply concerning”.

    On Twitter, they wrote: “The actions of the police—unprovoked—are deeply concerning. We’ve raised our concerns directly with the Spanish authorities & will do so with other relevant parties. Stay safe & share any information—eye witness reports, video material, etc.—with us & @faircop_.”

    The Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) also reacted that to the video, stating: “Fans subject to shocking policing in Spain once again.

    “If you were at the Villarreal match and have a first-hand account to share please email our caseworker Amanda Jacks (

    “We’ll be co-ordinating a response alongside @ISLO_MUST & @FansEurope #MUFC”.

    Twitter users reacted with Spanish police slammed for their treatment of Man Utd fans in the away end at Villarreal…

    @StevenBunting: They were also striking people with batons walking from the toilets which are a floor below, coming back up to the stand. Absolutely no news for it

    @1238Kralc: Spanish police seem to think that United visiting allows them carte blanche. Still bear a mark from a baton strike while waiting to get into the Bernabeu in 2003.

    @MSmudge7: I’m just above this. Absolutely no need for it. No hint of trouble. They are just looking for a problem

    @wackydog70: Yet again police creating issues, held back for no reason

    @SMufc1974: They are looking for it and provoking for no reason – how can they kick off to a set off fans so separated to home fans, when clearly be no trouble tonight with Villareal and most of the time we play in Europe

    @RicardoLukey: Every single time an English team is in Spain.

    @AlexjGriffin21: Standard behaviour for Spanish police.

    @30YearsOfHurt: Ridiculously over the top, they knew it as well, but carried on despite pleas from the older fans about calming it down as no one wanted trouble.

    @EDPC66: Happened to every English team in Spain for years. The only time I can remember it not happening was Bilbao a few years back. Basques are kings. A million times better than the Spanish. #mufc #bilbao #basquecountry

    @CianHindsight: Walked everyone off the train to near the ticket collection point, batons out for people that tried to walk off towards hotels and that. Awful policing

    @jamielogan1992: Same treatment they dished out in Valencia in 2019

    @WaynePickerin19: Was the exact same in Valencia couple of years ago, literally picking reds off for a fight.

    @nmillsglasgow: They were an absolute disgrace. Clearing the walkways despite the away end being jammed and nobody causing any harm – bullied everyone around, moved about 4/5 times just trying to watch game. Villarreal fans were great, was completely unnecessary.

    @WillRobinsonUK: Hi – just left the stadium. Policing among the worst I’ve experienced, full riot gear and batons everywhere. Guy next to me got hit for asking where his seat was. Brother took a video of their violence, was forced to delete by the police.

    @TheDowg: Surprise surprise. Spanish thugs parading as police. Nothing ever gets said by politicians about how they treat English supporters. It’s not the 80s anymore and even then not everyone deserved to be batoned.

    @mickr48: Unfortunately the English reputation dictates how other countries treat them. Countless times English football fans visit foreign towns and cities and absolutely trash them. If you fly with the crows you get shot with them seems the stance here.

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