Newcastle United takeover delay is unacceptable for these three football reasons

    The Newcastle United takeover, the most controversial ever at a Premier League football club, just drags on and on and the situation remains unacceptable.

    The league playing for time, waiting for evidence to make their job easier, waiting for intervention and abusing the rules of the test.

    Let’s add the piece on The Mag on Monday about who are the league answerable to?

    I’m not going to reinvent the points in the many recent articles, nor am I going to mention that there is no legal reason why the test should be failed.

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    I’m not even going to stress that the Directors test is objective based on facts, rather than subjective based on morality.

    What I am going to concentrate on this time is why the delay is a crime against Newcastle United.

    This wouldn’t be allowed to happen to one of the ‘big 6’.

    So why is the delay so wrong?

    Well, apart from there being no obvious reason to fail the prospective buyers, the longer it goes on it is clear that it’s to build up negative evidence, rather than passing it, which could be done once the components are satisfied.

    The test is black and white and not grey and the EPL are not private detectives.

    I have little sympathy for Mike Ashley but it has to be said that the outstanding balance which should have gone to him weeks ago, is making interest for someone else. Then there’s the question of the £17m deposit!

    Now I’m getting close to the three reasons why the Newcastle United takeover delay is unacceptable for football reasons:

    1. Transfer deals for the upcoming window are being arranged now, we are not being afforded that luxury.

    2. Our best players are subject to interest from other clubs, if the proposed takeover doesn’t happen soon. Ashley will have the fans at his mercy, we’ve seen in the past that he has no interest in doing what’s best for the club, just his bank balance.

    3. Overall planning is suffering, we are a rudderless ship with players who are in limbo. Take for example Matty Longstaff or the three loan lads.

    Yes this delay is totally unacceptable for football reasons and we need help from somewhere before it’s too late.

    I don’t buy this theory of ‘it happens when it happens’.

    The answer needs to come now, one way or the other…then the appeal.

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