‘Newcastle United takeover – After wake up call I’d rather stick with Mike Ashley than Saudi consortium’

    I’m going to start this piece by reminding everyone that doesn’t know me, that I detest everything that Mike Ashley is and stands for.

    He has shown time and time again that he is a vile human being when it comes to money and the way he treats the citizens of Newcastle upon Tyne especially, as well as anywhere he may lay his grubby little paw prints.

    I think anyone that gives him a penny and helps or supports him in his pursuit of money, over the well being of Newcastle United, is just as guilty as he is in the destruction of our club and city.

    That said, bizarrely I am now convinced that the Saudi consortium attempting the Newcastle United takeover are definitely not a better option than him.

    I know this is a controversial subject already but I would like to put my personal point across about it.

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    For some reason I woke the other morning at 5 am and  I was flicking through all of the rubbish on sky, Netflix, Amazon prime, Apple TV and the likes, when I came across The Dissident on Amazon.

    I started watching this and it made me think, no matter what we all think of Jabba, he is a saint in comparison to this lot attempting the Newcastle United takeover. Not that I have any doubt in my mind that given the chance, Mike Ashley would employ the same tactics if they were at his disposal without repercussion.

    The power and control these people in Saudi Arabia are trying to have over anyone and everyone is nobody’s business. They are on a similar sort of level to Kim Jong-Un, the only difference is they have money, so aren’t as easily controlled as North Korea, so the governments of the world have no choice but to deal with them.

    On a footballing only decision, why wouldn’t we want them in? As 100% they will dominate world football, there is no doubt about it, they will outspend, outsmart and out play Man City and PSG eventually, as long as they are in control. Without thought for anyone or anything as a football fan only, there would be nothing better in this city, but if we ever wanted a voice or to have a say on what is happening, then we are going even further away than we are now with Mike Ashley. If we ever disagree or revolt against these people they have the money and power to do anything they choose without being accountable to anyone.

    If we think Jabba is hard to move out, these will be impossible and will do far worse than Ashley is doing now.

    Sadly, these days the football isn’t the only thing that matters. The things we are given by them, will mean things we already have will be taken away, and to give up these things would not be worth it in my opinion.

    If you have Amazon Prime watch this documentary (The Dissident) and tell me as a human being, you can put it all to one side just to win a football match.

    Basically, for anyone that isn’t aware, the documentary lays out the case for how the Saudi government are said to have brutally and blatantly killed and dismembered a Saudi national who was part of the elite in front of the whole world, for speaking up against them and speaking for human rights in his country.

    It isn’t an alleged incident or a rumour, the case / evidence is overwhelming.

    Now I hear everyone saying, what does this have to do with them buying our football club?

    Can we all just stop for a minute and think about it?

    It’s certainly changed my perspective, maybe because I’m getting to that age where priorities change and I realise what is really important in my life and in the world.

    Maybe because my love of Newcastle has dwindled due to the way Mike Ashley has treat me for 14 years, who knows?

    I know we as individuals will never change or stop what is happening but I would hope, just for one minute, you could put yourself in other people’s positions and think what it must be like.

    As football fans, we already have a very tiny taste of being suppressed and controlled by the vile one and it’s a horrible feeling. The difference is, we can walk away and forget about it if we choose to.

    You see these people trying to buy into one of the biggest and best known brands world wide, the Premier League, and going for domination in a world where BLM, rainbow flags, freedom to shout what you want as loud as you want etc etc etc is at the forefront of everything that matters.

    If we think Jabba is a sheep in wolves clothing, Saudi are the devil in disguise.

    If you are genuinely interested then I challenge you to watch the doc before you respond, then think to yourself in the grand scheme of things, is it really worth it?

    I’m not saying you have to think the same as me, as we all have a right to a difference of opinion in this country for the time being…but it clearly puts things into perspective.

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