Manchester City fans comments: Getting angry with how bad BT Sport, Steve Bruce and his players were

    Manchester City fans have been talking after Wednesday night at the Etihad.

    The home side completely dominating and scoring five, though it could / should have been ten or more.

    So accommodating were the visitors, Man City set a new Premier League record of 93.7% passes successfully completed.

    Reading the comments (see below) from Manchester City fans, it is a bit of a first.

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    They are getting angry because of how bad the opposing manager and his players were, the City supporters slaughtering the Newcastle team and Steve Bruce in particular.

    They also turn their anger on the BT Sport commentary team, which included Steve McManaman (a former Man City player) claiming Steve Bruce has done ‘an absolutely amazing job’ and ‘The goals they’ve scored, the performances’ of this Newcastle team under Bruce.

    Manchester City fans commenting via their Blue Moon message board:

    ‘I have no clue what Newcastle wanted out of that game.

    Didn’t sit back and try to hit ous on the counter as they had no pace up front.

    Didn’t try to make it difficult for us to play from the back with high pressing.

    Just let us have the ball and do what we wanted with it.’

    ‘Just a reminder…Steve Bruce is supposedly auditioning to show the Saudis that he deserves the job post-takeover and shouldn’t be replaced.

    Absolutely shameful performance that, it actually got to the point where I was quite angry at how bad they were, it wasn’t a football game.

    Our lads did their job very well in cr.p conditions and played some nice football but Newcastle were actually so bad it detracted from my enjoyment of how good we were at points.

    In the cup game I thought, “Oh OK he’s prioritising the league” which looking back makes no sense as they’re safe anyway.

    Today though? Burton Albion gave us 10x more trouble.

    How can a professional manager see the problems we have had this season and just instruct his team to be completely passive, neither press nor defend the box, try to dribble it out of defence until the target man went off and then hit it long to nobody.

    If Bruce had any dignity he’d resign on the bus home.’

    ‘If he had any dignity, he wouldn’t have applied to be manager of his boyhood club whilst Mike Ashley was in charge.’

    ‘The way that “fletch” and Mcminimum were stroking the Elephant mans trunk this evening and feeding him buns, i almost forgot that he was Steve Bruce !!!!’

    ‘I don’t know where they get the adulation for the Elephant Man from. His game plan has always been to frustrate the opposition, generally with a 5 – 4 – 1 formation. IMO, he wouldn’t know how to play an open, expansive game.’

    ‘5-0 but me they were absolutely f.cking rubbish and it almost looked like a rigged game at times.

    As a spectacle it was sh.t and how many times will you say that after a 5-0 win?’

    ‘Well that was enjoyable enough.

    Should have had 10 but the lads looked pretty miserable out there in the rain.’

    ‘Won in second gear – we were great, Newcastle were awful.’

    ‘We were good, but I don’t think it can be said enough how awful Newcastle were.’

    ‘Honestly I thought we played better against the Saints but i will take a win like that any day but i really thought it was a dull watch.

    Newcastle were that f.cking abject.’

    ‘Good performance but you have to put in context against a woeful Newcastle team. Nice free kick from Silva, shame Foden didn’t take one of his chances.’

    ‘Honestly, that performance by Newcastle is one of the worst PL performances I’ve ever seen by an away team. F.cking dreadful.’

    ‘Yep, they should be ashamed of that performance.’

    Steve Bruce:

    “I’m not going to make excuses”…. followed by “We’ve got a number of big players out”.


    ‘Newcastle were absolutely woeful. They just rolled over and had their belly tickled by us.’

    ‘We took the

    Played them off the park in a training session and picking that back 4.

    They made Stones look good FFS!’

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