Letter now sent to Richard Masters regarding Newcastle United takeover (No, I’m not an MP)

    The Newcastle United takeover still has no conclusion.

    Some 15 weeks after the matter was passed to the Premier League.

    Below is a letter (email) that I have sent (Tuesday 21 July 2020) to Chief Executive of the Premier League, Richard Masters.

    ‘Dear Mr Masters,

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    I hope reports today are not true that the bid for ownership of Newcastle has been delayed indefinitely.

    I also note that MPs who have called for the transaction to be blocked do not have a mandate in the North East.

    Personally, I welcome investment from the wealth fund to provide a stable long term income in the Arabic world as well as to progress local businesses. Only by inclusion can we encourage change.

    Would you please confirm that if the Saudi sovereign wealth fund is to be blocked, the Premier League will show some consistency?

    Surely, if not allowed to go ahead, you will lobby the government not to buy Saudi oil and definitely not to accept tax revenue from Saudis who have already invested in UK businesses and property. To accept those taxes would be total hypocrisy?

    Similarly, should we look forward to your banning investment from other regimes whose cultures are deemed incompatible with Premier League club ownership?

    I look forward to your confirmation that other owners will be banned from the Premier League, in the first instance Qatar. This would allow Manchester City to focus on their Champions League campaign next year if they are not allowed to play domestic football.

    Similarly, clubs with Chinese ownership, given their actions in Hong Kong and human rights records with capital punishment, should also be banned.

    On that note, the USA also has a death penalty and the Premier league certainly seems to have encouraged the taking of the knee against those other abusers of human rights, the United States. It will not have escaped your attention that the Americans initiated the Iraq war which was aimed at illegal regime change under United Nations law, so no club with American ownership will be allowed to be involved should be allowed in the Premier League next season.

    Finally, the supporters of that war should also be banned from Premier League ownership. Tony Blair was America’s biggest supporter, being a representative for Britain on the world stage. Accordingly, I welcome your forthcoming announcement, if the Saudis are not allowed to press ahead, that no football clubs owned by British people will be allowed to compete.

    I look forward to your reflections and confirmation of Premier League consistencies.’

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