Lawmakers meeting to discuss this week extending half-time to 25 minutes at matches

    When proposed changes to the laws of the game and general running of football make headlines, whether in the Premier League or wherever…

    You very rarely, if ever, think…you know what, that sounds a really good idea.

    I am of course talking about ‘you’ and me as football fans, not those who simply want to try and gain more money and / or influence from the game we love.

    So, we now have an ‘exclusive’ on Wednesday morning ahead of Thursday’s IFAB meeting.

    Lawmakers IFAB are the International Football Association Board and they will meet tomorrow (Thursday) for their Annual Business Meeting, which will be chaired by world governing body FIFA.

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    The Mail say that their information is that a proposal will be discussed to extend the time allowed at half-time from 15 to 25 minutes.

    The reasoning for this is of course, nothing to do with any benefit to football fans.

    Instead, those who support the idea, see it as the chance to make more money. Which will surprise absolutely nobody.

    The Mail say that the proposal is being put forward by CONMEBOL, the South American governing body, so that football can introduce ‘Super Bowl-style entertainment’ midway through matches.

    The report saying that if the change was voted through, we could then see longer 25 minute gaps midway through major competitions such as the FA Cup final to include ‘extravagant half-time shows’ at half-time.

    The Mail say that IFAB are likely to say / vote no to the change but those pushing the change, back it up by saying that the 25 minutes would lead to a much improved spectacle for those watching on TV around the world. Shamefully, also using the supposed reason that a longer half-time would then allow managers to prepare their teams better for the second-half, thus allegedly producing a better quality product after the break…

    This all sounds as convincing as when in the past year we saw the ‘big six’ try to change the rules of the Premier League so they could outvote the other 14 PL clubs on any major change / vote and then when the same ‘big six’ were part of the European Super League sham. Actually having the nerve both times to claim that the motivation for the attempted changes was to benefit football overall…

    The thing is, with something like this, if they ever managed to get it pushed through and half-times extended to 25 minutes, it would start off with maybe only isolated special occasions such as the FA Cup final (In America, 30 minutes is allowed at the Super Bowl, compared to 12 minutes in normal American Football matches).

    However, when you have these shameless characters who dominate the Premier League and successfully push through so many changes that are aimed at benefiting themselves. You know for sure that with these massive overseas TV deals in particular, if they could offer those broadcasters 25 minutes instead of 15 at half-time to show twice as many adverts, that would then for sure increase the value of future TV deals for Premier League clubs, especially the self-appointed elite.

    Whilst for fans of Newcastle United and those of other Premier League clubs who actually go to the games…the benefits would be…the opportunity to buy an extra bonus pint or pie, putting yet more money into the coffers of club owners.

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