La Liga schedule 2020-21, odds

    La Liga’s schedule is out.

    The first match-up between Barcelona and Real Madrid came just before Halloween, Oct. 25, at the Camp Nou in Catalonia. The sides head to Madrid on April 11.

    The first Madrid Derby was Dec. 13 at the Bernabeu, won 2-0 by Real to spoil Atleti’s previously-unbeaten league season. Real repays Atleti’s visit when it heads to the Wanda Metropolitano on March 7.

    [ LIVE: La Liga stats, standings, scoreboard ]

    The season kicks off with a Valencia derby between Valencia and Levante on Sept. 13 and runs through Matchday 38 on May 23, a final day highlighted by Villarreal’s visit to Real Madrid.

    The dreadful calendar year of 2020 closes up shop with the Basque Derby between Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao, the two rivals also set to meet in the Copa del Rey sometime near that Dec. 30 league date. The second meeting will come April 4.

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    Below is the full La Liga schedule.

    Matchday 1

    Alaves 0-1 Real Betis
    Eibar 0-0 Celta Vigo
    Cadiz 0-2 Osasuna
    Granada 2-0 Athletic Bilbao
    Valencia 4-2 Levante
    Real Valladolid 1-1 Real Sociedad
    Villarreal 1-1 Huesca

    Atletico Madrid v Sevilla — postponed due to European participation
    Barcelona v Elche — postponed due to European participation
    Real Madrid v Getafe — postponed due to European participation

    Matchday 2

    Villarreal 2-1 Eibar
    Getafe 1-0 Osasuna
    Celta Vigo 2-1 Valencia
    Huesca 0-2 Cadiz
    Granada 2-1 Alaves
    Real Betis 2-0 Real Valladolid
    Real Sociedad 0-0 Real Madrid

    Levante v Atletico Madrid — postponed due to Champions League run
    Sevilla v Elche — postponed due to Europa League run

    Matchday 3 – Sept. 27

    Alaves 0-0 Getafe
    Atletico Madrid 6-1 Granada
    Barcelona 4-0 Villarreal
    Real Betis 2-3 Real Madrid
    Eibar 1-2 Athletic Bilbao
    Cadiz 1-3 Sevilla
    Osasuna 1-3 Levante
    Valencia 1-1 Huesca
    Real Valladolid 1-1 Celtia VIgo
    Elche 0-3 Real Sociedad

    Matchday 4

    Real Sociedad 0-1 Valencia
    Getafe 3-0 Real Betis
    Huesca 0-0 Atletico Madrid
    Villarreal 3-1 Alaves
    Eibar 0-1 Elche
    Real Madrid 1-0 Real Valladolid
    Athletic Bilbao 0-1 Cadiz
    Sevilla 1-0 Levante
    Celta Vigo 0-3 Barcelona

    Granada v Osasuna — postponed as Granada faces Malmo in Europa League

    Matchday 5

    Real Valladolid 1-2 Eibar
    Atletico Madrid 0-0 Villarreal
    Elche 0-0 Huesca
    Real Sociedad 3-0 Getafe
    Valencia 0-2 Real Betis
    Osasuna 2-0 Celtia Vigo
    Alaves 1-0 Athletic Bilbao
    Levante 0-2 Real Madrid
    Cadiz 1-1 Granada
    Barcelona 1-1 Sevilla

    Matchday 6

    Granada 1-0 Sevilla
    Celta Vigo 0-2 Atletico Madrid
    Real Madrid 0-1 Cadiz
    Getafe 1-0 Barcelona
    Eibar 0-0 Osasuna
    Athletic Bilbao 2-0 Levante
    Villarreal 2-1 Valencia
    Huesca 2-2 Real Valladolid
    Alaves 0-2 Elche
    Real Betis 0-3 Real Sociedad

    Matchday 7 – Oct. 25

    Elche 2-1 Valencia
    Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid
    Sevilla 0-1 Eibar
    Osasuna 1-0 Athletic Bilbao
    Atletico Madrid 2-0 Real Betis
    Real Valladolid 0-2 Alaves
    Cadiz 0-0 Villarreal
    Getafe 0-1 Granada
    Real Sociedad 4-1 Huesca
    Levante 1-1 Celta Vigo

    La Liga schedule
    MADRID, SPAIN (2020): Carlos Casemiro of Real Madrid in action against Lionel Messi (Photo by Burak Akbulut/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

    Matchday 8 – Nov. 1

    Alaves 1-1 Barcelona
    Athletic Bilbao 2-1 Sevilla
    Real Betis 3-1 Elche
    Celta Vigo 1-4 Real Sociedad
    Eibar 0-2 Cadiz
    Granada 1-1 Levante
    Osasuna 1-3 Atletico Madrid
    Real Madrid 4-1 Huesca
    Valencia 2-2 Getafe
    Villarreal 2-0 Real Valladolid

    Matchday 9 – Nov. 8

    Atletico Madrid 4-0 Cadiz
    Barcelona 5-2 Real Betis
    Getafe 1-3 Villarreal
    Huesca 1-1 Eibar
    Levante 1-1 Alaves
    Real Sociedad 2-0 Granada
    Sevilla 1-0 Osasuna
    Valencia 4-1 Real Madrid
    Real Valladolid 2-1 Athletic Bilbao
    Elche 1-1 Celta Vigo

    Matchday 10 – Nov. 22

    Alaves 2-2 Valencia
    Athletic Bilbao 4-0 Real Betis
    Atletico Madrid 1-0 Barcelona
    Eibar 0-0 Getafe
    Cadiz 0-1 Real Sociedad
    Granada 1-3 Real Valladolid
    Levante 1-1 Elche
    Osasuna 1-1 Huesca
    Sevilla 4-2 Celta Vigo
    Villarreal 1-1 Real Madrid

    Matchday 11 – Nov. 29

    Real Sociedad 1-1 Villarreal
    Real Valladolid 1-1 Levante
    Elche 1-1 Cadiz
    Valencia 0-1 Atletico Madrid
    Huesca 0-1 Sevilla
    Barcelona 4-0 Osasuna
    Real Betis 0-2 Eibar
    Celta Vigo 3-1 Granada
    Getafe 1-1 Athletic Bilbao
    Real Madrid 1-2 Alaves

    Matchday 12 – Dec. 6

    Alaves 0-0 Real Sociedad
    Athletic Bilbao 0-2 Celta Vigo
    Atletico Madrid 2-0 Real Valladolid
    Eibar 0-0 Valencia
    Cadiz 2-1 Barcelona
    Granada 3-3 Huesca
    Levante 3-0 Getafe
    Osasuna 0-2 Real Betis
    Sevilla 0-1 Real Madrid
    Villarreal 0-0 Elche

    Matchday 13 – Dec. 13

    Real Valladolid 3-2 Osasuna
    Valencia 2-2 Athletic Bilbao
    Getafe 0-1 Sevilla
    Huesca 1-0 Alaves
    Real Madrid 2-0 Atletico Madrid
    Real Sociedad 1-1 Eibar
    Real Betis 1-1 Villarreal
    Elche 0-1 Granada
    Barcelona 1-0 Levante
    Celta Vigo 4-0 Cadiz

    Real Madrid
    MADRID, SPAIN – DECEMBER 12: Toni Kroos was masterful in Real’s ending of Atleti’s unbeaten league season (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

    Matchday 19 – Dec. 15 (Pulled forward from Jan. 20)

    Barcelona 2-1 Real Sociedad
    Real Madrid 3-1 Athletic Bilbao

    Matchday 14 – Dec. 20

    Athletic Bilbao 2-0 Huesca
    Atletico Madrid 3-1 Elche
    Barcelona 2-2 Valencia
    Levante 2-1 Real Sociedad
    Osasuna 1-3 Villarreal
    Sevilla 1-1 Real Valladolid
    Celta Vigo 2-0 Alaves
    Cadiz 0-2 Getafe
    Granada 2-0 Real Betis
    Eibar 1-3 Real Madrid

    Matchday 15 – Dec. 23

    Huesca 1-1 Levante
    Real Sociedad 0-2 Atletico Madrid
    Valencia 0-1 Sevilla
    Real Valladolid 0-3 Barcelona
    Villarreal 1-1 Athletic Bilbao
    Elche 2-2 Osasuna
    Getafe 1-1 Celta Vigo
    Real Madrid 2-0 Granada
    Alaves 2-1 Eibar
    Real Betis 1-0 Cadiz

    Matchday 16 – Dec. 30

    Sevilla 2-0 Villarreal
    Barcelona 1-1 Eibar
    Levante 4-3 Real Betis
    Cadiz 0-0 Real Valladolid
    Granada 2-1 Valencia
    Atletico Madrid 1-0 Getafe
    Celta Vigo 2-1 Huesca
    Elche 1-1 Real Madrid
    Athletic Bilbao 0-1 Real Sociedad
    Osasuna 1-1 Alaves

    Basque Derby
    Willian Jose of Real Sociedad and Iker Muniain of Athletic Bilbao in a Basque derby (Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

    Matchday 17 – Jan. 3

    Villarreal 2-1 Levante
    Real Betis 1-1 Sevilla
    Getafe 0-1 Real Valladolid
    Real Madrid 2-0 Celta Vigo
    Athletic Bilbao 1-0 Elche
    Alaves 1-2 Atletico Madrid
    Eibar 2-0 Granada
    Real Sociedad 1-1 Osasuna
    Huesca 0-1 Barcelona
    Valencia 1-1 Cadiz

    Matchday 2 – rescheduled

    Athletic Bilbao 2-3 Barcelona

    Matchday 18 – Jan. 10

    Celta Vigo 0-4 Villarreal
    Sevilla 3-2 Real Sociedad
    Atletico Madrid v Athletic Bilbao
    Granada 0-4 Barcelona
    Osasuna 0-0 Real Madrid
    Levante 2-1 Eibar
    Cadiz 3-1 Alaves
    Elche 1-3 Getafe
    Real Valladolid 0-1 Valencia
    Huesca 0-2 Real Betis

    Matchday 1 – rescheduled

    Atletico Madrid 2-0 Sevilla

    Matchday 4 – rescheduled

    Granada 2-0 Osasuna

    Matchday 19 – Jan. 20

    Real Valladolid v Elche — 1pm ET Tuesday
    Cadiz v Levante — 1pm ET Tuesday
    Alaves v Sevilla — 3:30 pm ET Tuesday
    Getafe v Huesca — 1pm ET Wednesday
    Real Betis v Celta Vigo — 3pm ET Wednesday
    Villarreal v Granada — 3:30 pm ET Wednesday
    Valencia v Osasuna — 1pm ET Thursday
    Eibar v Atletico Madrid — 3:30 pm ET Thursday

    Matchday 20 – Jan. 24

    Alaves v Real Madrid
    Athletic Bilbao v Getafe
    Atletico Madrid v Valencia
    Celta Vigo v Eibar
    Huesca v Villarreal
    Levante v Real Valladolid
    Osasuna v Granada
    Real Sociedad v Real Betis
    Sevilla v Cadiz
    Elche v Barcelona

    Matchday 21 – Jan. 31

    Barcelona v Athletic Bilbao
    Real Betis v Osasuna
    Eibar v Sevilla
    Getafe v Alaves
    Cadiz v Atletico Madrid
    Granada v Celta Vigo
    Real Madrid v Levante
    Valencia v Elche
    Real Valladolid v Real Sociead

    Matchday 22 – Feb. 7

    Alaves v Real Valladolid
    Athletic Bilbao v Valencia
    Atletico Madrid v Celta Vigo
    Real Betis v Barcelona
    Huesca v Real Madrid
    Levante v Granada
    Osasuna v Eibar
    Real Sociedad v Cadiz
    Sevilla v Getafe
    Elche v Villarreal

    Matchday 23 – Feb. 14

    Barcelona v Alaves
    Celta Vigo v Elche
    Eibar v Real Valladolid
    Getafe v Real Sociead
    Cadiz v Athletic Bilbao
    Granada v Atletico Madrid
    Levante v Osasuna
    Real Madrid v Valencia
    Sevilla v Huesca
    Villarreal v Real Betis

    Matchday 24 – Feb. 21

    Athletic Bilbao v Villarreal
    Atletico Madrid v Levante
    Barcelona v Cadiz
    Real Betis v Getafe
    Huesca v Granada
    Osasuna v Sevilla
    Real Sociedad v Alaves
    Valencia v Celta Vigo
    Real Valladolid v Real Madrid
    Elche v Eibar

    Matchday 25 – Feb. 28

    Alaves v Osasuna
    Celta Vigo v Real Valladolid
    Eibar v Huesca
    Getafe v Valencia
    Cadiz v Real Betis
    Granada v Elche
    Levante v Athletic Bilbao
    Real Madrid v Real Sociedad
    Sevilla v Barcelona
    Villarreal v Atletico Madrid

    Matchday 26 – March 7

    Athletic Bilbao v Granada
    Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid
    Real Betis v Alaves
    Cadiz v Eibar
    Huesca v Celta Vigo
    Osasuna v Barcelonan
    Real Sociedad v Levante
    Valencia v Villarreal
    Real Valladolid v Getafe
    Elche v Sevilla

    Matchday 27 – March 14

    Alaves v Cadiz
    Barcelona v Huesca
    Celta Vigo v Athletic Bilbao
    Eibar v Villarreal
    Getafe v Atletico Madrid
    Granada v Real Sociead
    Levante v Valencia
    Osasuna v Real Valladolid
    Real Madrid v Elche
    Sevilla v Real Betis

    La Liga schedule
    THE SEVILLE DERBY – NOVEMBER 10: Cristian Tello of Real Betis competes for the ball with Jesus Navas of Sevilla FC . (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

    Matchday 28 – March 21

    Athletic Bilbao v Eibar
    Atletico Madrid v Alaves
    Real Betis v Levante
    Celta Vigo v Real Madrid
    Getafe v Elche
    Huesca v Osasuna
    Real Sociedad v Barcelona
    Valencia v Granada
    Real Valladolid v Sevilla
    Villarreal v Cadiz

    Matchday 29 – April 4

    Alaves v Celta Vigo
    Barcelona v Real Valladolid
    Cadiz v Valencia
    Granada v Villarreal
    Levante v Huesca
    Osasuna v Getafe
    Real Madrid v Eibar
    Real Sociedad v Athletic Bilbao
    Sevilla v Atletico Madrid
    Elche v Real Betis

    Matchday 30 – April 11

    Athletic Bilbao v Alaves
    Real Betis v Atletico Madrid
    Celta Vigo v Sevilla
    Eibar v Levante
    Getafe v Cadiz
    Huesca v Elche
    Real Madrid v Barcelona
    Valencia v Real Sociedad
    Real Valladolid v Granada
    Villarreal v Osasuna

    El Clasico
    MADRID, SPAIN – 2019: Ivan Rakitic of Barcelona scores his sides first goal past Thibaut Courtois and Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images)

    Matchday 31 – April 21

    Alaves v Villarreal
    Atletico Madrid v Huesca
    Barcelona v Getafe
    Real Betis v Athletic Bilbao
    Cadiz v Real Madrid
    Granada v Eibar
    Levante v Sevilla
    Osasuna v Valencia
    Real Sociedad v Celta Vigo
    Elche v Real Valladolid

    Matchday 32 – April 25

    Athletic Bilbao v Atletico Madrid
    Celta Vigo v Osasuna
    Eibar v Real Sociedad
    Huesca v Getafe
    Real Madrid v Real Betis
    Sevilla v Granada
    Valencia v Alaves
    Real Valladolid v Cadiz
    Villarreal v Barcelona
    Elche v Levante

    Matchday 33 – April 28

    Alaves v Huesca
    Athletic Bilbao v Real Valladolid
    Atletico Madrid v Eibar
    Barcelona v Granada
    Real Betis v Valencia
    Getafe v Real Madrid
    Cadiz v Celta Vigo
    Levante v Villarreal
    Osasuna v Elche
    Real Sociedad v Sevilla

    Matchday 34 – May 2

    Celtia Vigo v Levante
    Eibar v Alavees
    Granada v Cadiz
    Huesca v Real Sociedad
    Real Madrid v Osasuna
    Sevilla v Athletic Bilbao
    Valencia v Barcelona
    Real Valladolid v Real Betis
    Villarreal v Getafe
    Elche v Atletico Madrid

    Matchday 35 – May 9

    Alaves v Levante
    Athletic Bilbao v Osasuna
    Barcelona v Atletico Madrid
    Real Betis v Granada
    Getafe v Eibar
    Cadiz v Huesca
    Real Madrid v Sevilla
    Real Sociedad v Elche
    Valencia v Real Valladolid
    Villarreal v Celta Vigo

    La Liga schedule
    MADRID, SPAIN: Saul Niguez of Atletico Madrid and Marc-Andre ter Stefen of Barcelona (Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images)

    Matchday 36 – May 12

    Atletico Madrid v Real Sociedad
    Celta Vigo v Getafe
    Eibar v Real Betis
    Granada v Real Madrid
    Huesca v Athletic Bilbao
    Levante v Barcelona
    Osasuna v Cadiz
    Sevilla v Valencia
    Real Valladolid v Villarreal
    Elche v Alaves

    Matchday 37 – May 16

    Alaves v Granada
    Athletic Bilbao v Real Madrid
    Atletico Madrid v Osasuna
    Barcelona v Celta Vigo
    Real Betis v Huesca
    Getafe v Levante
    Cadiz v Elche
    Real Sociedad v Real Valladolid
    Valencia v Eibar
    Villarreal v Sevilla

    Matchday 38 – May 23

    Celta Vigo v Real Betis
    Eibar v Barcelona
    Granada v Getafe
    Huesca v Valencia
    Levante v Cadiz
    Osasuna v Real Sociedad
    Real Madrid v Villarreal
    Sevilla v Alaves
    Real Valladolid v Atletico Madrid
    Elche v Athletic Bilbao

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