Jermaine Jenas embarrasses himself with Steve Bruce, Newcastle fans (and NUFC media)

    Jermaine Jenas seems to get pretty much everywhere these days.

    For somebody who at one time allegedly found the spotlight on him at Newcastle United too much to take, he is doing pretty good these days with his therapy.

    Now seemingly willing to appear on every TV and radio station as well as in every newspaper, if it gives him exposure.

    Jermaine Jenas invariably is put up as the Newcastle United part of the equation, when there is an NUFC match or a debate about the club. You know, as though he is somebody who still has great love for and association with his former club and the intimation then is that he has detailed knowledge of all the goings on at Newcastle United…expert knowledge.

    You know, like when Man Utd have Gary Neville fighting their corner, or Liverpool with Jamie Carragher, they know absolutely what is going on at THEIR clubs and what the fanbase are thinking about it and why.

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    As Newcastle fans, we invariably get the likes of Graeme Souness or Jermaine Jenas (supposedly!) fighting our corner, especially when it comes to live TV matches, of which there has been 36 out of 36 so far!!!

    You have to laugh, people like Jermaine Jenas and Graeme Souness making a significant amount of money based on the fact they are supposed to have some kind of rapport and mutual respect with the NUFC fans. You couldn’t make it up. Why don’t they go the whole way and get Dennis Wise on our games as well!

    On Friday night Jermaine Jenas was back at his embarrassing ‘best’ when it came to Newcastle United, as usual bigging up Steve Bruce and doing down the Newcastle fans, plus this time also having a go at the NUFC media as well.

    Jermaine Jenas speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live:

    “Newcastle are a totally different team [with Allan Saint-Maximin and Callum Wilson in it].

    “It is what I’ve been trying to say all year with Steve Bruce.

    “I have been fighting his corner.

    “Steve Bruce is one of those honest managers, where if you have something negative to say about his team, he knows why you’re saying it because they are playing poorly.

    “But he was working with what he had at his disposal.

    “There are a couple of journalists up there [on Tyneside] who need to be eating a bit of humble pie.

    “They have given him nothing but stick all year and he has taken it on the chin.

    “But with his best team at his disposal he has shown he can cause some problems.

    “From a manager’s point of view you can’t do anything without your best players, you’re just hanging on.

    “Fair play to him and I just want him to take that manager of the month trophy out with him for a little meal.

    “Then plonk it on the table and hopefully a few journalists will pop in and have a look at it.”

    Steve Bruce won two matches (plus got two draws) to get his April MOTM award, Burnley completely dominating for an hour and should have had the game won, only for ASM to make one and score one to retrieve the situation. Then after West Ham gifted a 2-0 lead and a man advantage in the first half, Steve Bruce tried to defend the entire second half despite playing against 10 men, needing Joe Willock to rescue him with a late winner after the Hammers were invited to score twice.

    This thing about Newcastle United missing all their best attacking players for the vast majority of the season, it is just a total myth.

    Just because that is the narrative that Steve Bruce time after time puts out, it doesn’t mean that it is true.

    You then get the likes of Jermaine Jenas who just repeats it, he either hasn’t got a clue what the truth is, or even worse, chooses to ignore it.

    These are the availability stats this season of Newcastle’s main attacking players:

    Callum Wilson – Named in 27 of the 36 Newcastle United PL matchday squads this season.

    Joelinton – This season so far, named in all 36 of Newcastle’s PL matchday squads.

    Allan Saint-Maximin – This season so far, named in 23 of the 36 PL matchday squads.

    Miguel Almiron – This season so far, named in 34 of the 36 NUFC Premier League matchday squads.

    You can also add Joe Willock in of course, he has been available and in all 13 NUFC PL squads since arriving on loan, though Steve Bruce bizarrely chose to drop him for four of the 13 games!

    Callum Wilson has been in 75% of Newcastle’s PL matchday squads, ASM 64% of them, Almiron 94% of them, Joelinton 100%.

    Yet Newcastle United have failed to win 73% of their Premier League matches…

    Every club has to deal with injuries, Newcastle have been no worse off than the vast majority of others this season. You get instances like Villa who in summer 2019 invested over £20m in Wesley as their big goals hope, only for him to get injured and since 1 January 2020 has only managed to start a single Premier League match – THAT is when you can point to really bad luck with an injury!

    When Jermaine Jenas is talking about ‘a couple of journalists up there’, in reality he just means Craig Hope of The Mail, the only one to properly challenge the rubbish Steve Bruce and his media gang have been putting out. Jenas says Steve Bruce has just ‘taken it on the chin’…a funny way of doing that when he (Bruce) has banned Craig Hope, to try to suppress any criticism or challenging questions at press conferences.

    All the overall stats are shocking of course and whist Jermaine Jenas says Steve Bruce is doing a brilliant job, Newcastle are 16th and will drop to 17th if Brighton win at home to West Ham tonight, only saved from the relegation zone by the presence of three totally woeful teams.

    Steve Bruce is on a run now of only five wins in twenty seven games (all competitions), losing 15 of those 27 matches.

    Only two wins in the last twelve PL games at St James Park in over five months.

    Indeed, in the entire time fans have been banned from grounds, Newcastle fans have only missed out on watching live six PL home wins at St James Park in over 14 months.

    In these past eight games and two months of football, we have seen some shockers still (Brighton 0-3 and Arsenal 0-2 in particular) with also some glimpses of hope such as the win at Leicester and some of the play in other games – the first half against West Ham, 20 minutes at Burnley, moments in the defeat to Man City and draws against Spurs and Liverpool.

    This team and squad are capable of better than what we have seen under Steve Bruce and with another better quality manager, I think we would have seen far better football and results, instead of excuse after excuse just because the odd key player has missed a relatively small number of games.

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