Jamie Redknapp with very different views on Newcastle United fans and Spurs supporters

    Jamie Redknapp, don’t you just love him…

    The Liverpool and Tottenham player turned pundit has been wading in with his two pen’orth on the Jose Mourinho sacking earlier today.

    His claims of Spurs being hard to watch and the fans getting frustrated at having to sit through the dross they dish up game after game.

    I mean, fancy having your team playing in the Europa League this season, currently sitting in seventh in the Premier League, five points from Champions League qualification and in the League Cup final on this Sunday coming up.

    What a desperate situation for their fans to be in!

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    An utter calamity of a season!

    For what it’s worth, here are the Jamie Redknapp ramblings on the reasons why Spurs under Jose Mourinho were utter garbage:

    “What Jose has done in this period is make them a really tough watch.

    “You can say what you like about Spurs over the last 40 years but they’ve always been a good football team; they’ve always had a style of play.

    “If Spurs fans were in here, I don’t think they’d enjoy that one bit.

    “Too often I watch this Spurs side and there’s no real flair, there’s no excitement.

    “I don’t think this is a bad squad of players; I’ve said it before and I’ll stand by it.

    “This manager has chopped and changed at the back. To play football, you have to have a chemistry, a relationship with whoever you’re playing alongside.

    “Earlier in the season, he played with (Pierre-Emile) Hojbjerg and (Moussa) Sissoko in midfield; sometimes they’d go into a back six. It wasn’t a great watch but at least you knew what they were trying to do. They were being defensive and getting results. Right now, they’re trying to be defensive, they’re not getting results and they’re an incredibly tough watch.

    “The manager has to take responsibility.

    “We talked in the past about a Jose masterclass; he loved it and celebrated it. If he doesn’t think this is a good squad… well, a great manager would find a way to get his players organised.

    “They’re not playing great football and they’re losing matches. It’s not just about the potential of Harry Kane leaving, it’s the financial implications with the stadium, the assets, other players like Dele Alli, Harry Winks. Daniel Levy will not like the fact that his players are devaluing assets. He’ll hate it.”

    However, not so long ago, Jamie Redknapp laid into the Newcastle fans for not being satisfied with a club playing the worst football in the Premier League (and only two wins in twenty one games over a four month time period) and only marginally improving and showing some cohesion after the arrival of Graeme Jones, despite Steve Bruce’s best efforts to derail all the efforts put in by the new coach.

    Jamie Redknapp also putting blame on Rafa Benitez for the below par performances, though doesn’t make any mention of Pochettino in his Spurs analysis.

    Maybe he needs to get some perspective and remember what he’s said in the past about one set of fans and making comparisons with another, albeit the difference in geographical locations. The media need to address this and point out his glaring irregularities.

    I wish Newcastle had Spurs’ ‘problems’…

    Jamie Redknapp on Newcastle United, Steve Bruce and the NUFC fans:

    “I like Steve Bruce.

    “I have gone on record for thinking he is doing a reasonable job at the club.

    “Newcastle fans will want more, they want possession based football, they want to be more exciting, but it hasn’t happened like that in years. They want a bit of excitement and I get all of that.

    “Of course you want to be playing better football, getting up the pitch, making it more exciting, but so do a lot of clubs.

    “This has been a by-product of Rafa Benitez.

    “Newcastle fans will say it was better under Rafa, it wasn’t.

    “I watched a lot of football when Benitez was manager [at Newcastle] and it wasn’t enjoyable.

    “At times, this isn’t enjoyable. But they are getting reasonable results.

    “Players that have signed haven’t really worked out, which doesn’t help Steve Bruce.”

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