How are Spain allowed to get away with this blatant persistent cheating? Action needed ASAP

    Something needs to happen with Spain.

    I can’t believe how they have been allowed to get away with this match after match at the 2024 European Championships.

    Absolutely blatant cheating that needs to be confronted and punished.

    Spain need to be brought to heel.

    Otherwise, how on earth are England going to stand a chance if they get to the final?

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    If Spain continue to be allowed to get away with this time after time, where has justice and fairness gone?

    As an England fan, this is what I have witnessed with Spain and find completely unacceptable, giving themselves such an unfair and shameful advantage over England:

    Repeatedly moving forwards up the pitch.

    Kicking the ball towards that net thing.

    Stepping into the opposition box on a regular basis.

    Ignoring the keeping at least nine players in your own half rule.

    Running with the ball past an opponent.

    Not following the minimum five backward passes for every forward one rule.

    Attempting to win matches, instead of trying not to lose them.

    As you can see, some pretty serious stuff going on there, how on earth UEFA haven’t intervened yet, is a mystery to me.

    Surely the time has come when they can’t ignore it anymore, especially if our glorious leader Gareth Southgate gets to the final with England.

    How can you have a level playing field when a team like Spain persistently cheats with these shameless attacking actions?

    (***Spain have won all of their last eight internationals, scoring 25 goals and conceding 4. Spain’s last 18 matches have seen these results in normal time (no extra-time) Played 18 Won 15 Drawn 2 Lost 1, whilst for England (not including extra-time) it is a case in their last 10 internationals of Played 10 Won 2 Drawn 6 Lost 2, scoring 10 goals and conceding 8. Never mind, I am sure Gareth (I can’t help but think of Mackenzie Crook’s character in The Office now…) has it all in hand and we will see a dramatically different and attack-minded set-up tonight… ‘Nurse, pass me my medication!!’)

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