Football lawmakers plot to increase half time to 25 MINUTES with unwanted plans

    Football lawmakers plot to increase half time to 25 MINUTES with unwanted plans, and it’s certainly caused some controversy.

    Supporters woke up on Wednesday morning to discover that the game’s lawmakers will discuss a request to increase intervals from 15 minutes to 25 so that football can introduce Super Bowl-style entertainment mid-way through matches. Yes we can’t believe it either.

    The money-spinning idea came from CONMEBOL, with the South American governing body suggesting it would benefit their competitions, like the Copa Libertadores, with the much anticipated final between Palmeiras and Flamengo to be played this Saturday.

    Changing up the laws would mean that English football could go on to take advantage of this idea, possibly seeing shows such as live music midway through the FA Cup Final or even Playoff Finals at Wembley Stadium, if it was wanted. Goodbye to the crossbar challenge?

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    Lawmakers IFAB are set to discuss the matter on Thursday for their Annual Business Meeting, chaired by world governing body FIFA.

    The agenda doesn’t mention Law 7 – a section which details how long half time may last – however Sportsmail says that it will be discussed at the end of the virtual gathering.

    IFAB’s advisory panels having already issued their concerns that a longer period of inactivity could increase the risk of players picking up injuries.

    However when has money ever stopped anything of late? Just look at Qatar. The current laws of the game state ‘players are entitled to an interval at half-time, not exceeding 15 minutes’.

    A similar attempt to increase the length to 20 minutes in 2009 was unsuccessful, but a lot has changed when it comes to greed since then, so is this a sign of things to come? Football is forever changing, the rules are always bent to suit others across the world.

    CONMEBOL say their intention was to improve the spectacle for supporters, saying the TV broadcast of half time shows is greatly received in other sports.

    The federation are said to have claimed the extra time would enable coaches to better prepare their players tactically for the second half, thereby improving the quality of the football on show.

    Another consideration is down to how much more money there would be to make from this change, as evidenced by American football’s extravaganza each year.

    Half times in the NFL last around 12 minutes, but in the Super Bowl, they can go on for up to 30 minutes. – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

    Their intervals are said to have cost advertisers $5.5million (£4.1m), that’s when securing a 30-second ad in 2021 when The Weeknd performed sponsors and brands emblazoned everywhere you looked.

    Also up for talks in Thursday’s IFAB meeting is an update on the trial of additional permanent concussion substitutes.

    There have been plenty of calls for temporary substitutes to be introduced with the current protocols consistently failing.

    IFAB reckon that they need more data from the ongoing trial and so are set to extend it beyond its initial end date of August 2022.

    Twitter users reacted as football lawmakers plot to increase half time to 25 MINUTES with unwanted plans…

    @THELA44253326: Football is the entertainment – why are you trying to turn it in to American football .

    @Danny39098934: How about leave the English game alone. We want to watch football not half-time entertainment!

    @jonprecious: This is crackers when the authorities insist on putting matches like Newcastle Vs Brighton on a Tuesday night. Traveling fans always get shat on

    @D0ntGetItTwiStd: Can you imagine how crazy this sounds in principle… But, more importantly when a match is kicking off at 8pm? This is purely financially based and I feel there’s no chance of this happening as many will oppose this ludicrous idea.

    @cotswoldeditor1: More brilliance from people who have never played the game. I can hear calf muscles knotting from here.

    @JoeDyson99: Nothing that the international viewers want more half way through Burnley Vs Norwich than a half time show

    @TomD74: This needs the same treatment as the super league.

    @stevegsimpson: Just so they can sell 10 more minutes of prime time adverts.

    @DebsHLUFC: You might find this an odd concept but I actually go to a football match to watch the football. Novel idea I know. If I want other forms of ‘entertainment’, I’d go to a concert or the theatre instead.

    @Shobbsalot: I’ve been sick of football for a while now. This could be the final straw for me. I’d be quite glad actually

    @GaryMcIntyre11: This must be a joke, it’s should be reduced to 10 minutes, certainly not increased. Once again thinking about their own pockets and not the fans and players in the ground, who with out, football would not exist!

    @CraigLUFC77: They’d still struggle to serve us in the KOP before game kicked back off.

    @greggas90: Surprising enough, people go to the match to watch the football! People dont even watch the half times games what happens on the pitch! No one wants this!

    @perthwhite: Seems like an elaborate ploy so people can actually get a beer at Elland Rd without missing 20mins of second half.

    @furmedge78: Injuries to players will jump by 30% after sitting off for 25 minutes waiting for Atomic Kitten to finish their encore.

    @jp_lfc: Aye but can Rihanna do it on a cold Tuesday night at Turf Moor? I’m not sure she can.

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