Fans slam Graeme Souness for saying Big Six clubs should NOT be punished

    Fans have passionately chosen to slam Graeme Souness for saying live on Sky Sports why Big Six clubs should NOT be punished.

    The pundit feels it would be unfair on the fans to suffer for something their billionaire owners have done – a point that doesn’t really stand up when you see how fans of many EFL clubs have had to suffer recently.

    The self-proclaimed top dogs of English football have been protected for far too long and now people are questioning why they should get away with it when they were within touching distance of a shocking power grab threatening to ruin competitive football, completely undermining the Premier League and risking the future of several clubs further down the pyramid.

    Here’s what Souness had to say after the ‘big six’ stepped away from the proposals on Tuesday night, shamelessly suggesting they should avoid points deductions, fines and European bans:

    Asked if there should be repercussions for the clubs involved, Souness added: “No, who are you punishing? If you punish the club, you are really punishing the supporters. The players have done nothing wrong and the supporters have done nothing wrong.

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    “The people at the top will be punished by the supporters themselves. They can’t go to the games anymore or if they do, good luck.

    “Certainly, with Liverpool, and I can talk with some authority there, I think it’s impossible for those guys to turn up at Anfield ever again.

    “Will they run the club from the other side of the Atlantic? Possibly they’ll hang onto it, but they are only custodians. They are just temporary owners, just a blip in the rich history of the football clubs. There will be owners after them that might be better, or there might be owners after them that might be worse.

    “But this is a monumental time in our game. If you ask anyone in the street, they will talk about money spoiling our game, and this was taking it to another level completely. The secrecy and deceit shown by these people goes beyond the pale and I think it’s going to be very hard for them to start again.

    “I think we’ll see sacrificial lambs right across these clubs going forward where people lose their positions.”

    Meanwhile Gary Neville has said that he wants to see the owners fined £100m. You can see more on that by clicking HERE.

    As mentioned, fans slam Graeme Souness for saying Big Six clubs should NOT be punished…

    @george_downes17: Wrexham, Leeds, Boston, Portsmouth, Cambridge, Rotherham, Luton, Bournemouth, Dagenham, Southampton, Stockport, Palace, Plymouth, Port Vale, Coventry, Bolton, Wigan, Birmingham, Sheffield Wednesday. All EFL or PL clubs whos fans were ‘punished’ for their clubs breaking the rules

    @FBL72: “Points deductions aren’t fair on the fans”
    Tell that to the following:
    Port Vale
    The list goes on!

    @sfcciarann__: To all people who are saying what’s happened is enough punishment for the big 6: Tell that to fans of Wigan, Bolton, Bury, Portsmouth, Coventry, Port Vale, Darlington, Plymouth, Chester, Stockport, Southampton, Rotherham, Bournemouth, Luton and Leeds.

    @ChrisTheLewis: Where was this energy when Portsmouth kept being docked points for administration? Or Sheffield Wednesday? Or Leeds? Or Wigan? That wasn’t the fault of players or coaches or fans yet they constantly had to deal with Points Deductions.

    @LUFCBuff: Funny how he wasn’t so vocal when Wrexham, Leeds, Boston, Portsmouth, Cambridge, Rotherham, Luton, Bournemouth, Dagenham, Southampton, Stockport, Palace, Plymouth, Port Vale, Coventry, Bolton, Wigan, Birmingham and Sheffield Wednesday got points deductions ?

    @topbalcony21: Don’t recall this being said of Sheffield Wednesday or Wigan

    @DemBladesDavid: Rubbish. All the punishments handed out the past ten years to smaller clubs whose owners were in the wrong and fans were innocent, yet now it’s not allowed as Mick the ‘top six’ fan might get a wobble on.

    @JustPaul85: It’s really unfortunate for fans, but if the owner of a club breaks the rules, that club have to be punished! For example if a club goes into administration due to being poorly ran, It’s not the fans fault, but the points deductions are still applied as rules have been broken!

    @PeteVillan1981: Absurd point of view. So when clubs go into administration and are deducted points who do you think suffers? This so called ‘Big 6’ should not be treated any different

    @jones1302: Disagree. What about teams who go into administration? That isn’t the players, managers or fans fault and yet they are punished. Shouldn’t be different just because those being punished are powerful.

    @whittick14: I bet Graeme Souness wasn’t talking like this when the owners of Leeds, Wigan, Bolton and Sheffield Wednesday got their clubs punishment.. this is the problem.. people think because they are the so called big 6 they should be allowed to go on as normal

    @CarltonGoal: Coward Souness. Purely cause Liverpool are involved.

    @AlexanderToon94: “Don’t punish the team, punish the owners” Bollocks!! No one gave a shit when owners fucked over Leeds, Portsmouth, Bolton, Luton, Wigan, Bury, Macclesfield, Sheff Weds, Coventry, Birmingham, Aldershot and countless others so why should be suddenly be so sympathetic now!

    @Africanbluebird: Exactly. Where was he then eh? He was more than happy to stay silent when owners screwed over those clubs. Hypocrisy & elitism right there Graeme.

    @ARJW78: I must have missed Graeme speaking out against clubs being docked 10 points for going into administration in the past then. The only difference is that going into administration doesn’t endager the rest of the league. As usual they want special rules, for special rats.

    @TheBearded20: He can get fucked, multiple clubs have had point deductions because of owners, these dickheads should suffer the same fate.

    @jstableford1998: We went into admin last year and got relegated because our owner couldn’t be arsed with us anymore and decided to get his mate to attempt to liquidate us but chose admin, and you’re telling us now that the fans shouldn’t be punished. Only matters when it’s a big club.

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