Coventry’s clash with Rotherham in huge doubt over player safety

    Coventry’s Championship clash with Rotherham is reportedly in huge doubt over player safety with a pitch inspection planned.

    It comes after the Commonwealth Games rugby sevens matches were played at the Coventry Building Society Arena (formerly) Ricoh Arena.

    A pitch inspection is due to take place to see if the match can go ahead, however Coventry manager Mark Robins has been left furious and insists there is no way they can play.

    According to reports on Friday afternoon, he said: “We’ve been badly let down, professional players cannot play on that.

    “Hopefully we can do something to bring it upto standard.”

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    Coventry City can confirm that there will be a pitch inspection at the Coventry Building Society Arena at 6pm on Saturday, ahead of our home game against Rotherham United.

    Concerns have been raised regarding the condition of the pitch at the Arena and there will be an inspection by a senior referee.

    We will keep supporters updated following this inspection on Saturday.

    Of course, fans reacted as Coventry’s clash with Rotherham is said to be in huge doubt over player safety…

    @ccfc_1987: Why surprised? Wasps are £65m in debt and haven’t maintained the stadium since they had it given to them. They are absolutely skint on the bones of their arses so how do you expect them to maintain a playing surface if the can’t afford a tin of paint?

    @Joeytaylor123: Honestly so fucking embarrassed, this is a complete and utter joke. Not angry with the football club or groundsmen here, we’ve been let down by the ground ownership. Embarsssing.

    @CharlieEwanHawk: Reyt laugh???????

    @skybluedave74: This is a disgrace, @waspsrugby should be ashamed that the opening home game of the season might have to be called off due to a substandard pitch. Every year there’s pitch issues and every year Wasps claim they will be resolved but here we are again #PUSB

    @JasonG84Gaffa: Your taking the piss!!

    @Moseley3_: Can we kick the egg chasers out of our city? Asking for a friend

    @TerryYaki2: This is an utter shambles. Rank amateurism on the part of Wasps.

    Sue then SISU. They’ve put our whole season at severe risk through incompetence.

    @LiveyCov1982: How embarrassing is this shambles?

    @Gilbers84: Not going lie lads I have had this sesh booked in for 5 weeks. I have a newborn baby and two dogs who can be utter dicks. I need this.

    @MumfordOlly: Swear to god if the one thing I’ve been looking forward to all week gets called of I’m gonna take a pigeons head clean off it’s shoulders

    @surgicalscalpel: And if the pitch is garbage?

    @barnsey__15: Thought that said invasion then, admin predicting a Coventry city time winner already

    @powellycov: Been coming for months with what the ground staff have had to put up with, was never enough time to turn everything around

    @HarryNC22: How embarrassing… should never have happened

    @ballersbox: Wow! This is a shambles @WaspsRugby

    @markjones143: Happy to bring my snow shovel down to make sure we get this game on ?

    @craigtaggart96: This will defo be called off then. Commonwealth have destroyed the love new surface

    @MarkLancashire: 6pm tomorrow night?? Telling me you can’t get a ref down there to have a look at the pitch for another 26 hours. Absolute shambles.

    @craigj837: Flight booked from Northern Ireland for this and then this news might be called off! @Coventry_City
    not our fault as a club but shambles this was allowed to played on for rugby 7s by the wasps.

    @Limes_361: If the surface is lifting then I reckon it will be off. I don’t think they would postpone it for bald patches? Shambles. Once again, Wasps not having the minerals to look after the place

    @avi_c7: I’ve seen a picture of the pitch as of today and it’s unacceptable that we should be expected to play on a surface like that. Needs to be some serious questions asked…

    @gibbo909: Time to move along Wasps, I’d like to say I feel sorry for the bond holders but I don’t.

    @b_wisey82: Call it off. Save the pitch and the players!

    @RobOMalley8: We still get loyalty points though, right?

    @skybluecol: Club will get fined for this if it’s called off

    @ianrussell88: I know the club can’t help this as it was arranged with the owners of he ground to host the rugby 7’s but this is a disgrace that the pitch isn’t possibly playable what happens in a couple of months once wasps also play on it and it gets dug up even more?!

    @beerspanner: It was bad on day one of the rugby sevens I think pop concert crowd did it the other month ?

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