Celtic player involved in three-car smash near his home

    A Celtic player has been involved in a three-car smash near his home in Lanarkshire, according to reports emerging on Monday night.

    The Daily Record are stating that Hoops striker Leigh Griffiths was caught up in the incident at the Belshill bypass on Sunday.

    His black Audi was caught up in the accident at the roundabout with another two motors, it has been reported.

    Credit: The Sun

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    It is understood the crash happened when cars stopped to let an with ambulance on a 999 call with it’s sirens and flashing blue lights pass.

    Thankfully, nobody has been reported injured and the cars only suffered some minor damage to their bodywork, lights and bumpers, various media outlets revealed.

    Smashed bits of a car were lying at the side of the road 24 hours later where the crash took place.

    Griffiths came on as a sub for the Hoops on Saturday in their 2-0 Old Firm defeat to Rangers ahead of the crash.

    A police spokesman told the Scottish Sun : “About 7.49pm on Sunday, 18 October, 2020 a three vehicle minor road traffic crash happened on the B7071 in Bothwell.

    ”There were no injuries and no further police action.”

    An onlooker told the paper: “I recognised Griffiths’ black Audi and saw him at the side of it.

    ”It looked like everyone was OK but like anyone in that position, you are a bit shocked.

    ”It appeared the drivers were swapping details but that was about it.”

    In May last year, the Scotland international was convicted of clocking up his third speeding offence by doing 54mph in a 40mph zone in Edinburgh.

    Justice Hillary Stevenson ended up fining him a total of £500 and endorsed his driving licence with three points which took him up to nine, one offence away from a road ban.

    He’s recently returned to the squad after being slaughtered by boss Neil Lennon for piling on the pounds during lockdown.

    And Lenny slammed: “I’m not happy.

    “I think that’s fairly obvious by the fact that we’ve left him behind.

    “He’s come back out of condition and overweight. Any physical work we asked him to do he was coming out of saying he was injured.

    “That’s going to be the case because he’s out of condition.

    “So it would have been absolutely pointless bringing him with us. We had an extensive week in Loughborough and he wouldn’t have been fit to play the games here in France.

    “The ball is firmly in his court now in terms of getting himself in the right condition.”

    Griff reacted to the news he was being bombed out of the squad by posting a message on Instagram vowing to prove his critics wrong – which angered Lennon.

    He’s also been making TikTok videos on social media which have infuriated the Hoops boss.

    He added: “He needs to stop all the social media nonsense with all these slogans he puts out there. It’s not the real world we all live in.

    “The boys here are all top professionals and I have a great staff who are all professional as well. They deserve better and he should know better.

    “He needs to get his head down and get fit because that’s what we pay him for.

    “We’ve done everything we possibly could for him.

    “He had a long lay-off and came back to get back into the team.

    “For me he was still a bit short fitness-wise but had enough to get through the Scottish games.

    “But if he wants to have a future here at the club it’s down to himself.

    “We’re not prepared to do a lot more for him. Everything’s there for him. He’s let himself down and he’s let us down.

    “You can never say never about chances but he’s got a lot to do to get back in around it.

    “The ball is firmly in his court and it shouldn’t have come to this. He shouldn’t have been out of condition and he shouldn’t have been heavier.”

    Asked if he had stern words with Griffiths when he told him he was being left out of the squad, Lennon added: “I did, yeah.

    “That is between myself and him but I told him he wouldn’t be coming on the trip and we were bitterly disappointed in how he’s come back.

    “And since then I’m disappointed with his reaction on social media as well, when we’ve asked him not to engage on social media because it just becomes a downward spiral.”

    Lennon fears Griffiths will end up regretting his actions in later life, adding: “I think he will.

    “He’s got a fantastic opportunity at a club that believes in him and managers that believe in him and he keeps letting himself down.”

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