Celtic fans shocked as Neil Lennon absolutely loses it in viral footage

    Celtic fans were left shocked on social media as the club’s manager Neil Lennon absolutely loses it in Monday’s viral footage.

    It just keeps on going from bad to worse at Parkhead with the 49 year old having an explosive media conference where he revealed that there had been two positive results.

    Sky Sports’ Anthony Joseph tweeted news of that development however Celtic’s social media, who normally tweeted out what is said in the press conference instead decided to go silent on their fans, completely ignoring what Lennon had to say as he hit out at the Scottish Government Officials, the media and pundits.

    At 4pm on Monday afternoon, Celtic failed to uploaded the video of the conference onto their YouTube channel with nothing on the club website either since an interview with Gavin Strachan was published on Sunday.

    Lennon said: “We weren’t doing a twenty man conga, which was lauded by all and sundry because Scotland qualified for the Euros.”

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    Then he lashed out at the media and pundits, saying: “There’s a bloodlust out there for me to lose my job and there has been for quite a while.”

    Lennon fumed: “Another player has been deemed positive, it is someone who is self-isolating.

    “Everybody’s negative, the whole squad is negative bar two players.

    “I think that’s remarkable and I think it totally blows out the water the way the trip, the training camp has been portrayed by certain quarters of the media, by certain pundits, and by certain government officials as well.

    “We did not abuse any ‘privilege’. We did the right things. We were absolutely, totally professional.

    “We had a little drink in the afternoon on the day off: completely allowed, no law breaking.

    “Yet we come back to this barrage of absolute hypocrisy.

    “It’s not as if they were doing a conga in the dressing room and dancing to Baccara – or travelling a train journey from Glasgow to London with Covid.

    “The fallout from this has been way too much – there’s a bit of bullying going on.”

    Peter Lawwell apologised for the Dubai trip, with the manager insisting only the fans deserve that sentiment.

    Lennon continued: “My apology is to the fans because 13 players and three staff had to isolate which is ludicrous.

    “I’m not apologising for anything else.

    “I’m not apologising for going out there and training for a week. I’m not apologising for the players having a day off.”

    And Lennon questioned the decision to send 13 of his players, as well as himself and Kennedy, into isolation.

    He added: “There’s seems to be some sort of agenda being driven here.

    “We played very well at Ibrox, we didn’t deserve to lose the game, we were the better team.

    “We’ve come back and we’ve been absolutely decimated by these rules. I’m not convinced they’re a public health issue, it seems political in my opinion.

    “Nobody has got Covid, our protocols were perfect.

    “We’ve been decimated the last two games and the players have done all they can, the ones that were left behind to play the games.

    “We could have played a little bit better in both the games but, considering some of them hadn’t played in a year and we had some young boys out there doing a man’s job, to come away with two points… I suppose we’ll have to take that.” – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

    Celtic wrote on Twitter: “The Club can confirm that following the most recent round of COVID-19 testing, everyone within the playing squad involved last Monday and Saturday have again recorded negative tests.

    “The isolating group of 16 people have all recorded negative tests, apart from one player. The player will continue to isolate and we wish him a speedy recovery.

    “We can confirm that all other players and management staff have now returned to training.”

    Fans reacted after seeing Neil Lennon absolutely loses it in the viral footage…

    @greghamilton13: He’s looking for the pay off now surely! Sick of having to answer questions in the media and wanting bagged

    @MLArmstrong85: The verbal diarrhoea that comes from this clowns mouth!. Keep digging yourself deeper into that big hole ya minge. #P45incoming

    @ggh1992: Always the victims man what an absolute fucking embarrassment of a club. The club come out and apologise then come back and defend the trip again. Laughing stock of the world just now nothing will pull them out this PR disaster

    @moonman1873: You get the feeling that if Neil Lennon ran over someone whilst being grossly over the limit, he lay the blame on the victim for crossing the road.

    @JohnMcIntosh19: Please let him stay until the end of the season, if this is the reaction to rightful scrutiny of a disastrous trip. Imagine his reaction to Tavernier lifting the league title

    @Curtis__94: He’s fucking lost it now at this stage, stinks of a man that knows he’s probably gone soon

    @teedee74: @CelticFC please take the microphone away from this guy. Tarnishing whatever ‘legend’ status he might have had.

    @chrisross786: His assistant manager already admitted that rules were broken while they were out in dubai

    @Chr1sMcLaughlin: Hes a few seconds away from threatening someone with a knife.

    @MarxistRangers2: fair play standing by his position, a testament to his character and what many would do as diehards for their club. Doesn’t deflect the fact he is completely wrong though and it was an abuse of privileges as the majority of us can’t go visit our loved ones let alone trips abroad.

    @Dov1978: Absolute comedy gold. The man’s a walking talking contradiction “the whole squad’s negative…barring 2 players” or last week’s “it wasn’t a goal scoring opportunity…. he might have got a shot off” literally digging a deeper hole every time he speaks

    @xSTRATHYx: This is beyond embarrassing now. Why is he even getting airtime. Needs removing as does Lawwell. Its beyond untenable now.

    @alexb2869: Lennon’s ‘Kevin Keegan’ moment. This is epic. Celtic have had some hilarious moments this season, but this is the best yet!

    @Eddierfc55: In today’s episode of the Barrier years, Neil Lennon has a meltdown

    @GeorgeB01065217: Legit nearly pissed myself when he got all angry and air quoted privilege… Superb content

    @_rosstaylor04: heads gone big time, and a don’t feel the slightest bit sorry for the cunt

    @andybearz: In his mind right now he booting the fuck outa bottles of water all over the place

    @stephenf1976: Playing the victim ….. how very Lennon, how very Celtic

    @Ml19dy76: Please tell me you have the full media conference …. we deserve to see it, of for nothing else so your phone in guests have the full picture to rant about later.

    @Wellthatsafirst as Neil Lennon absolutely loses it in viral footage: The government also don’t tell you you’re not allowed to run an extention lead into the bathroom and make a couple of slices of toast when you’re having a bath but it doesnt mean its ok to do it

    @tagsbo: Love how he has to correct himself for calling it a ‘trip’

    @IcemanClosk: Would of always defended Lennon coming out swinging against the media for some of the unfair criticism he has received over the years but this is utterly embarrassing. The man has no shame,Just needed to come out and accept the Dubai trip was as shambolic as our season.

    @ewanmo1982: Always the victim with that club

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