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    By Paul Yarden | 21st APR 2020

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    MyFootballFacts is the most popular and premier source of online Football Quiz Questions with thousands of Football Trivia Questions to choose from our daily football Question of the Day. We have been creating Football  Questions and Answers, since 2011 and are still going strong in 2020. Since global lockdown, football fans are showing great interest in MyFootballFacts trove of football teasers, football facts and football trivia, and due to popular demand we compiled 100 Football Quiz Questions and Answers from our collection of daily football quizzes. Find here Football Questions to ask your friends and family. Quizmasters will savor our amazing collection of thousands of football questions and football facts as the perfect source for organizing football pub quiz questions,  football brain teasers and virtual quizzes with family or friends on Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts.  Find here an assortment of Premier League Questions, FIFA World Cup Questions, UEFA Champions League Questions, Football League Cup Questions, Obscure Football Questions, World League Questions and more.

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    Football Quiz Questions

    1. Which club did Manchester City beat for their only Major European Trophy win?

    2. Which two players hold the record for the most goals scored in the Football League?

    3. Which player scored a hat-trick for England against Switzerland?

    4. Which two Manager of the Month winners were with West Bromwich Albion?

    5. Which was the first FIFA World Cup Finals tournament to feature substitutes?

    6. How many FIFA World Cup Finals have Australia qualified for?

    7. Who was Portsmouth’s only Premier League Player of the Month winner?

    8. Who were the last three managers to win back-to-back FA Cups?

    9. What did winning Football League Cup players receive instead of medals?

    10. Who was the only Greek player to be German Bundesliga Highest Goalscorer?

    11. Which four Italians have scored English Premier League Hat Tricks?

    12. Who scored England’s goals the last time they beat the Italians in Italy?

    13. Who was the only manager to win the UEFA European Championships for a Foreign country?

    14. When was the last time both European Cup / Champions League finalists had no foreign players in their starting XIs?

    15. Which British football club was the first to reach a European Champions Cup Semi Final?

    16. How many clubs outside the Top Flight have won the Football League (Carling) Cup Final?

    17. Who were England’s three goalkeepers for the 1970 FIFA World Cup Finals in Mexico?

    18. How many times have Scottish players won the Football Writers Association Footballer of the Year Award?

    19. Who is the only manager to have won the Premier League Manager of the Month Award with four different clubs?

    20. When was the only season that both Celtic & Rangers failed to finish in the Top Three of the Scottish League?

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    1. Which three countries clubs have won the European Champions Cup / UEFA Champions League the most times?

    2. How many times have the Great Britain men’s football team won the Olympic Games gold medal?

    3. Which ten players have worn the number nine shirt for Manchester United during the Premier League Era?

    4. Which two teams competed in the first all-English major European Cup Final?

    5. Which three Premier League Manager of the Month Winners were from Israel, Sweden & the Norway?

    6. Which three Argentinian footballers won the Premier League Player of the Month Award?

    7. Which Premier League team had their shirts sponsored by Burmah Oil?

    8. Which countries did Great Britain beat when they won their three Olympic Games men’s football gold medals?

    9. What do the following five players have in common? Jairzinho, Chris Kamara, Gary McAllister, Robbie Elliott and Rob Edwards.

    10. Who won the first PFA Player of the Year Award in 1974?

    11. Which two players have scored Premier League hat-tricks against Manchester United?

    12. Which host Nation of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals was the only one to win the competition?

    13. Who was the last West Bromwich Albion player to finish a season as the Top Flight’s highest goalscorer?

    14. Which two countries competed for the Copa Lipton from 1905 to 1992?

    15. Which player scored Wimbledon FC’s only Premier League hat-trick?

    16. Who was the first non-United Kingdom player to win the FWA Player of the Year award?

    17. What was unique about the Estonia v Scotland World Cup Qualifier on 9th October 1996?

    18. Who was the only Jamaican player to score a Premier League hat-trick to March 2020?

    19. What was Charles Wreford-Brown’s main contribution to the game of football?

    20. Who were the first club to win the European – South American Intercontinental Cup in 1960?

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    1. England’s first opponents at Wembley were Scotland in 1924 but who were their second opponents at Wembley?

    2. Which is the only country, other than Mexico & USA, to have won the CONCACAF Gold Cup from 1991 to 2019?

    3. Name two National football teams which feature elephants on their badges.

    4. How many times did Kenny Dalglish top the League goalscorer’s table during his career in Scotland & England?

    5. Which club has won the French League Championship the most times?

    6. Who scored England’s goal against Ireland in the 1990 World Cup Finals in Italy?

    7. Which five Italians played Premier League Football with Manchester United?

    8. Which two South American Nations have never won the Copa America?

    9. Which four players scored Premier League hat-tricks for Sunderland?

    10. Which three Welshmen were English Top Flight Highest Goalscorers?

    11. Which non-UEFA player has scored the most All-Time Premier League goals?

    12. Which four clubs have spent 100 or more seasons in the English Top Flight?

    13. Which two South Americans won Manchester United’s Player of the Year Award?

    14. Which Australian won Leicester City’s Player of the Year Award?

    15. Which six players have worn Leicester City’s number nine shirt in the Premier League?

    16. Which three players hold the record for the most Premier League red cards?

    17. Who are The Most Serene team in Europe?

    18. Which eight Englishmen have scored UEFA Champions League hat-tricks?

    19. Which five players scored Premier League hat-tricks for West Ham United?

    20. Which four players from Ghana won UEFA Champions League Winners Medals?

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    1. Who’s the odd one out: Mike England, Alan Brazil, Stephen Ireland, Joe Jordan or Jason Scotland?

    2. Which four players have scored Premier League hat-tricks for three different clubs each?

    3. How many FA Cup Finals have been contested between two London clubs?

    4. When was the first time player’s shirt numbers were used?

    5. Who was the first full international to be sent off while playing for England?

    6. Who is the only African player to win FIFAs World Player of the Year Award?

    7. Which footballer appeared twice on the same episode of “Top of the Pops” with two different groups?

    8. Which six German Players won Premier League Winners Medals?

    9. Which six Clubs did Liverpool FC beat in UEFA European Cup & Champions League Finals?

    10. Which four players won 20 or more Caps for England with Leicester City?

    11. Which five Clubs outside the Top Flight won the Football League Cup?

    12. Which year saw the first winning Club’s ribbons attached to the FA Cup Trophy?

    13. Which two Clubs won the Football League and the FA Cup in 1920?

    14. Which nine Argentinians won Premier League Medals?

    15. Who were the first Asian team to qualify for a FIFA World Cup Finals tournament?

    16. Which four players won England caps with Real Madrid?

    17. Which 1970 FIFA World Cup Finals England squad player had yet to win a full cap?

    18. Which three Danish players won Premier League Medals?

    19. Which four USA players scored at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals?

    20. Which four Clubs have won the Audi Cup?

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    1. Which three Managers won the Premier League Manager of the Month Award with Aston Villa?

    2. Who were the Top Five Goalscorers at the 1970 FIFA World Cup Finals in Mexico?

    3. Which five players affiliated to AC Milan participated in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals in Russia?

    4. Who were the first Israeli League Champions (Palestine Eretz Yisrael)?

    5. Which four players scored UEFA Champions League Hat-Tricks for Paris Saint-Germain?

    6. When was the first Season four London Clubs appeared in the Top Flight of English Football?

    7. Which 5 players from Egypt, Guinea, Iceland, Israel & Kenya won UEFA European Cup or Champions League Medals?

    8. Which FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Winner saw his Nation eliminated after the Group Stage Phase?

    9. Which were the first five National Leagues to adopt the Three Points for a Win system?

    10. Who are the six All-Time Highest Premier League Goalscorers from The Americas?

    11. Which six African Players scored the most All-Time Premier League Goals?

    12. Which three Italian Clubs have appeared in UEFA European Cup or Champions League Finals but never won the competition?

    13. Which nine Argentinians won Premier League Winners’ Medals?

    14. Who were the last four English winners of Manchester City’s Player of the Year Award?

    15. Can you name six players who have appeared for 7 or more different Premier League Clubs each?

    16. Who were the eight Football Writers Association Player of the Year Winners from Tottenham Hotspur?

    17. Which three Managers have been in charge of both Chelsea FC & Tottenham Hotspur?

    18. Which six Frenchmen have scored the most Premier League Goals?

    19. When was the only time England had a player sent off in a full international and went on to win the game?

    20. Who was the only manager from Northern Ireland to win the FA Cup?

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    Football Quiz Answers

    1. Manchester City beat Polish club Gornik Zabreze 2-1 in the 1969 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final in Vienna.

    2. Ian Rush & Geoff Hurst both scored 49 Football League Cup goals during their careers.

    3. Bobby Charlton in an 8-1 England win in Basel, 1963.

    4. Roberto Di Matteo (September 2010) and Steve Clarke (November 2012).

    5. Mexico 1970: Anatoly Puzach of the USSR was the first used substitute in the opening game against Mexico.

    6. Four: 1974 West Germany, 2006 Germany, 2010 South Africa and 2014 Brazil.

    7. Teddy Sheringham in August 2003.

    8. Arsène Wenger (Arsenal, 2002 & 2003; 2014 & 2015), Keith Burkinshaw (Tottenham Hotspur, 1981 & 1982) and Bill Nicholson (Tottenham Hotspur, 1961 & 1962).

    9. Winning Football League Cup Final players used to receive Tankards instead of medals.

    10. Theofanis Gekas (VfL Bochum, 20 goals in season 2006-07).

    11. Fabrizio Ravanelli (Middlesbrough v Liverpool & Middlesbrough v Derby County), Gianluca Vialli (Chelsea v Barnsley), Gianfranco Zola (Chelsea v Derby County) and Mario Balotelli (Manchester City v Aston Villa).

    12. Jimmy Greaves and Gerry Hitchens (2), Italy 2-3 England, 24th May 1961, Stadio Olimpico, Rome.

    13. Otto Rehhagel of Germany with Greece in 2004. UEFA European Football Championships Winning Managers

    14. 1966-67 Final between Celtic (Scotland) and Inter Milan (Italy)

    15. Hibernian of Scotland in season 1955-56.

    16. Five: Norwich City (Second Divison, 1962), Queens Park Rangers (Third Division, 1967), Swindon Town (Third Division, 1969),

    17. Gordon Banks (Stoke City), Peter Bonetti (Chelsea) and Alex Stepney (Manchester United)

    18. Nine: Bobby Collins (1965), Dave Mackay (1969), Billy Bremner (1970), Frank McLintock (1971), Kenny Burns (1978), Kenny Dalglish (1979 & 1983), Steve Nicol (1989) and Gordon Strachan (1991).

    19. Harry Redknapp: West Ham (November 1998), Portsmouth (April & Oct 2004), Southampton (March 2005) & Tottenham Hotspur (August 2009)

    20. Season 1964-65 when Rangers finished in 5th place and Celtic finished in 8th place.

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    1. Spain (Real Madrid 13, Barcelona 5) with 18, England with 13 (Liverpool 6, Manchester United 3, Nottingham Forest 2, Aston Villa 1, Chelsea 1) & Italy with 12 wins (AC Milan 7, Inter Milan 3, Juventus 2).

    2. Three – 1900 (Paris), 1908 (London) and 1912 (Stockholm)

    3. Brian McClair (1993-96), Andrew Cole (1996-2001), Louis Saha (2003-08), Dimitar Berbatov (2008-11), Radamel Falcao García (2014-15), Radamel Falcao García (2014-15), Zlatan Ibrahimović (2016-17), Romelu Lukaku (2017-19) and Anthony Martial (2019-20).

    4. Tottenham Hotspur and Wolverhampton Wanderers, 1972 UEFA Cup Final (played over two legs).

    5. Avram Grant (Israel, April 2008 with Chelsea), Sven-Göran Eriksson (Sweden, August 2007 with Manchester City) and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Norway January 2019 with Manchester United).

    6. Juan Sebastián Verón (Manchester United, Sep-2001), Carlos Tévez (Manchester City, Dec-2009) and Sergio Aguero (Manchester City, Oct-2013, Nov-2014, Jan-16, Apr-2016, Jan-2018, Feb-2019, Jan-2020).

    7. Swindon Town during season 1993-94. Burmah Oil’s global corporate headquaters were located in Swindon.

    8. France in 1900, Denmark in 1908 and Denmark in 1912.

    9. All were born on Christmas Day, 25th December – Jairzinho (1944), Kamara (1957), McAllister (1964), Elliott (1973) & Edwards (1982).

    10. Norman Hunter of Leeds United

    11. David Bentley in Blackburn Rovers’ 4-3 win on 1st February 2006 & Dirk Kuyt in Liverpool’s 3-1 win on 6th March 2011, Romelu Lukaku in West Bromwich Albion Tie 5-5 on 19th May 2013 and Samuel Eto’o in Chelsea win 3-1.

    12. The United States of America in 1999.

    13. Tony Brown in season 1970-71 with 28 goals in the old First Division.

    14. Argentina (18 wins) & Uruguay (11 wins). The trophy was donated by the Scottish tea magnate Sir Thomas Lipton.

    15. Dean Holdsworth against Oldham Athletic in Wimbledon’s 3-0 win on 26th April 1994.

    16. Bert Trautmann, Manchester City’s German goalkeeper in 1956.

    17. Only Scotland and 1,000 of their supporters turned-up for the game at Tallinn’s Kadrioru Stadium.

    18. Kevin Lisbie for Charlton Athletic in their 3-2 win against Liverpool on 28th September 2003.

    19. Captain of the England team in Victorian times and also a first class cricketer, gentleman amateur Charles Wreford-Brown is credited with inventing the term “soccer”, derived from Association Football.

    20. Real Madrid of Spain beat Peñarol of Uruguay over two legs. The competition ran until 2004, when it was replaced with FIFA’s Club World Cup.

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    1. Argentina in May 1951. Wales first played at Wembley in 1952 and Northern Ireland in 1955.

    2. Canada in 2000. Mexico have won 8 Gold Cups and the United States have won 6.

    3. Ivory Coast and Thailand.

    4. Only once, with Celtic (24 goals) in 1975-76.

    5. AS Saint-Etienne have won the French League 10 times. Olympique de Marseilles have 9 titles, FC Nantes & AS Monaco have both won 8 titles.

    6. Gary Lineker. The Group F match finished 1-1 with Kevin Sheedy scoring for the Republic of Ireland.

    7. Matteo Darmian, Federico Macheda, Rodrigo Possebon, Giuseppe Rossi and Massimo Taibi.

    8. Ecuador and Venezuela.

    9. Kevin Phillips (Derby County & Bradford City), Darren Bent (Bolton Wanderers), Adam Johnson (Fulham) and Jermain Defoe (Swansea City).

    10. Ian Rush (Liverpool, 32 goals 1983-84), Ron Davies (Southampton, 28 goals 1967-68 & 37 goals 1966-67) and .John Charles (Leeds United, 38 goals 1956-57).

    11. Dwight Yorke (Trindad & Tobago, 123 goals).

    12. Everton (117 seasons), Aston Villa (106 seasons). Arsenal (103) and Liverpool (100 seasons).

    13. Gabriel Heinze (Argentina, 2004-05) and Antonio Valencia (Ecuador, 2011-12).

    14. Danny Tiatto in season 2004-05.

    15. Iwan Roberts (1994-95), Steve Claridge (1996-97), Emile Heskey (1998-99), Darren Eadie (2000-02), Les Ferdinand (2003-04) and Jamie Vardy (2014-20).

    16. Richard Dunne, Patrick Vieira and Duncan Ferguson all with 8 red cards each.

    17. San Marino: La Serenissima is their nickname.

    18. Andy Cole (2), Michael Owen (2), Alan Shearer, Mike Newell, Wayne Rooney, Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Danny Welbeck.

    19. Tony Cottee (v Manchester City), Paul Kitson (v Sheffield Wednesday & Charlton Athletic), Marlon Harewood (v Aston Villa), Kevin Nolan (v Reading) and Andy Carroll (v Arsenal).

    20. Abédi Pelé (Marseille 1993), Samuel Kuffour (Bayern Munich 2001), Sulley Muntari (Inter Milan 2010) and Michael Essien (Chelsea 2012).

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    1. Stephen Ireland is the only one who played for the ‘right’ country. England (Wales), Brazil & Jordan (Scotland) and Scotland (Trinidad & Tobago).

    2. Les Ferdinand (Queens Park Rangers, Newcastle United & Tottenham Hotspur), Teddy Sheringham (Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United & Portsmouth), Kevin Campbell (Arsenal, Nottingham Forest & Everton) and Nicolas Anelka (Arsenal, Manchester City & Chelsea).

    3. Five: Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea (1967), West Ham United v Fulham (1975), West Ham United v Arsenal (1980), Tottenham Hotspur v Queens Park Rangers (1982 + replay) & Arsenal v Chelsea (2002).

    4. 25th August 1928 when Sheffield Wednesday beat Arsenal 3-2. Wednesday wore numbers 1 to 11 while Arsenal wore numbers 12 to 22.

    5. Alan Mullery was sent off during the 1968 European Championships Semi-Final against Yugoslavia in Florence, Italy. It was the first time an England international had been sent off since 1872.

    6. George Weah of AC Milan & Liberia in 1994-95.

    7. Steve Archibald in 1982, firstly singing “We Have a Dream” with the Scotland World Cup squad starring B.A. Robertson and then alongside his Tottenham Hotspur team mates and Chas & Dave singing “Tottenham, Tottenham”.

    8. Robert Huth​ (2004–05, 2005–06, 2015–16), İlkay Gündoğan (2017–18, 2018-19), Leroy Sané (2017–18, 2018-19), Jens Lehmann (2003-04), Michael Ballack (2009-10) and André Schürrle (2014-15).

    9. Borussia Mönchengladbach​ (1977), Club Brugge (1978), Real Madrid (1981), AS Roma (1984), AC Milan (2005) and Tottenham Hotspur (2019).

    10. Gordon Banks (37 Caps), Jamie Vardy (26 Caps), Peter Shilton (20 Caps) and Harry Maguire (20 Caps).

    11. Norwich City (1962 Second Flight), Queens Park Rangers (1967 Third Flight), Swindon Town (1969 Third Flight), Aston Villa (1975 Second Flight) and Sheffield Wednesday (1991 Second Flight).

    12. 1901 when Tottenham Hotspur of the Southern League beat Sheffield United after a Replay. The ribbons were attached by the wife of one of the Spurs Directors.

    13. West Bromwich Albion were Football League Champions for season 1919-20 while Aston Villa were FA Cup Winners for season 1919-20.

    14. Sergio Agüero (4), Carlos Tevez (3), Pablo Zabaleta (2), Juan Sebastián, Nicolás Otamendi (2), Verón, Hernán Crespo, Gabriel Heinze, Martin Demichelis and Leonardo Ulloa.

    15. The Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) at the 1938 World Cup in France.

    16. David Beckham (36 caps), Steve McManaman (13 caps), Michael Owen (11 caps) and Laurie Cunningham (3 caps).

    17. Leeds United’s striker Alan ‘Sniffer’ Clarke.

    18. Peter Schmeichel (Manchester United, 5), Anders Lindegaard (Manchester United) and Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester City).

    19. Clint Dempsey (2 goals), Julian Green, John Brooks and Jermaine Jones.

    20. Bayern Munich (2009, 2013 & 2015), Barcelona (2011), Atlético Madrid (2017) and Tottenham Hotspur (2019).

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    1. Brian Little ​(January 1995), John Gregory (September 1998, September 2001) and Martin O’Neill (April 2007, November 2007, December 2008, April 2010).

    2. Gerd Müller​ (West Germany, 10 goals), Jairzinho (Brazil, 7 goals), Teófilo Cubillas (Peru, 5 goals), Pelé (Brazil, 4 goals) and Anatoliy Byshovets (Soviet Union, 4 goals).

    3. Lucas Biglia​ (Argentina), André Silva (Portugal), Nikola Kalinić (Croatia), Cristián Zapata (Colombia) and Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland).

    4. The British Police in 1932.

    5. Zlatan Ibrahimović (4 goals​ PSG 5-0 Anderlecht 2013), Layvin Kurzawa (PSG 5-0 Anderlecht 2017) and Neymar (PSG 6-1 Red Star Belgrade 2018) and Kylian Mbappé (PSG 5-0 Club Brugge).

    6. Football League Division One Season 1923-24: West Ham United (13th), Tottenham Hotspur (15th), The Arsenal (19th) and Chelsea (21st – relegated).

    7. Mohamed Salah (Egypt & Liverpool, 2019), Naby Keïta (Guinea & Liverpool, 2019), Eiður Guðjohnsen (Iceland & Barcelona 2009), Avi Cohen (Israel & Liverpool, 1981) and McDonald Mariga (Kenya & Inter Milan, 2010).

    8. Oleg Salenko of Russia is the only player ever to win the Golden Boot award with a team eliminated from the FIFA World Cup Finals at the group stage at the 1994 Finals in the United States.

    9. England (1981), Israel (1982), New Zealand (1983), Iceland (1984) and Northern Ireland (1986). FIFA introduced three points for a win at the 1994 World Cup Finals in the United States.

    10. Sergio Agüero​ (Argentina 180), Dwight Yorke (Trinidad & Tobago 123), Carlos Tevez (Argentina 84), Luis Suarez (Uruguay 69), Alexis Sánchez (Chile 63) and Clint Dempsey (United States 57).

    11. Didier Drogba​ (Ivory Coast 104), Emmanuel Adebayor (Togo 97), Yakubu (Nigeria 95), Sadio Mané (Senegal 80), Mohamed Salah (Egypt 72) and Yaya Touré (Ivory Coast 62).

    12. Fiorentina (1957), AS Roma (1984) and Sampdoria (1992).

    13. Sergio Agüero​ (4 Manchester City), Carlos Tevez (2 Manchester United & 1 Manchester City), Pablo Zabaleta (2 Manchester City), Nicolás Otamendi (2 Manchester City), Juan Sebastián Verón (Manchester United), Hernán Crespo (Chelsea), Gabriel Heinze (Manchester United), Martín Demichelis (Manchester City) and Leonardo Ulloa (Leicester City).

    14. Shaun Wright-Phillips​ (2004), Michael Brown (1998), Tony Coton (1994) and Garry Flitcroft (1993).

    15. Craig Bellamy, 7 Clubs (Coventry City, Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers, Liverpool, West Ham United, Manchester City & Cardiff City). Andrew Cole, 7 Clubs (Newcastle United, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Manchester City, Portsmouth and Sunderland), Wayne Routledge, 7 Clubs (Crystal Palace, Tottenham Hotspur, Portsmouth, Fulham, Aston Villa, Newcastle United and Swansea City), Tal Ben Haim, 7 Clubs (Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea, Manchester City, Sunderland, Portsmouth, West Ham United and Queens Park Rangers), Peter Crouch, 7 Clubs (Aston Villa, Southampton, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Tottenham Hotspur, Stoke City & Burnley) and Marcus Bent, 8 Clubs (Crystal Palace, Blackburn Rovers, Ipswich Town, Leicester City, Everton, Charlton Athletic, Wigan Athletic & Wolverhampton Wanderers).

    16. Danny Blanchflower (1957-58 & 1960-61), Pat Jennings (1972-73), Steve Perryman (1981-82), Clive Allen (1986-87), Gary Lineker (1991-92), Jurgen Klinsmann (1994-95), David Ginola (1998-99) and Gareth Bale (2012-13).

    17. André Villas-Boas​, Glenn Hoddle and Jose Mourinho.

    18. Thierry Henry​ (175 goals), Nicolas Anelka (125 goals), Louis Saha (85 goals), Olivier Giroud (78 goals), Eric Cantona (70 goals) and Robert Pires (62 goals).

    19. David Beckham on 8th October 2005 in the 1-0 World Cup Qualifier win against Austria at Old Trafford.

    20. Terry Neill with Arsenal in 1978-79.

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