93 years of hurt and counting

    I’m not a big gambler but I do enjoy a few quid on the fixed odds.

    Therefore it’s good to get back to donating cash to the betting company of my choice each week .

    Just now and again four draws will come in and I will get 200 quid, but this has been getting few and far between in recent years, as my judgement gets worse.

    NFL Betting

    My bet on the first round of matches fell apart due to Liverpool not winning at Everton. About the only time this season they haven’t won.

    Not that its stopped them becoming Champions. Another trophy to go with the Champions League title they hold.

    So it’s the end of 30 years of hurt for their long suffering fans.

    That’s a joke by the way, just in case you think I’m being serious.

    Try 93 years of hurt.

    I know there are those amongst us who have a real hatred for Liverpool, probably based on watching them consistently drub us for decades, but I’m not one of them.

    Being 60 years old, I am just very jealous of all the success they have had in my football supporting lifetime.

    I saw a “we are as big as Liverpool” argument on a thread a few weeks back and it attracted a few scouse comments, so just in case this ends up on a Liverpool site, let me be clear.

    I am very well aware of our current standings and Newcastle United are light years behind them, probably not in the same football universe.

    But the facts are that back at the time of our 1974 Cup Final humiliation there really wasn’t that much to choose between us in terms of English football hierarchy.

    True, our star was beginning to wane but in 1974, Liverpool had won 10 major honours and Newcastle had won 10 major honours. Both had won a European trophy within the previous 5 years.

    We all know what happened next.

    While we have spent the last 46 years winning absolutely nowt, (the Anglo Italian and Texaco cups really don’t count), Liverpool went on to win everything it was possible to win.

    I reckon they would have won the Eurovision song contest if they had entered it, no doubt with Keegan singing lead vocals.

    Anyone old enough to remember ‘Head over heels’? What a tune Kev !

    In 1974, both teams were at a pivotal time in their history, but while Liverpool kicked on to become a truly great side, we did what we do very well ,which is to screw it up when things are going well.

    Within four years of that match, Liverpool were winning the European Cup for the second year running, meanwhile we were getting relegated to division two.

    It doesn’t help to sell Kennedy and McDermott to Liverpool, Macdonald to Arsenal, Frank Clark to Forest. Before you scoff, that’s the Frank Clark who also went on to win a European Cup winners medal.

    So you get what you deserve I guess.

    The following 16 years saw Liverpool become untouchable, which usually meant that when we played them, we got turned over.

    Our trip there in the FA Cup in 1984 was one of those games. It was a close game for about 10 minutes but once they were ahead, the night became memorable for one thing only. The utterly amazing support from the away end. Or should that be the away ends, because on this night, Newcastle had nearly half the ground.

    I know this to be true and not a sentimental memory clouded by time, because I still have the VHS Video of the BBC live coverage , which I tend to get out once or twice a year when I have had one bottle of Becks too many. I have a few other grainy 80s videos that come out late at night but that’s another story.

    As we have been told time and time again recently, Liverpool then went into a “slump” – which has meant no title for 30 years, but I will hold back the tears.

    In that time, they have still won the Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA Cup and League Cup.

    But they haven’t been awarded the Intertoto cup, have they?

    Why can no one get it right at this bloody football club?

    Covid has meant lots of watching movies and that included Back to the future.

    I wish I had Marty McFly’s DeLorean and could go back in time and speak to those long-haired baggy trousered fans at Wembley 1974. it would be interesting to hear just what their hopes for the future were.

    All I think I wanted at the time was for my club to be able to compete. To dominate football was never a desire.

    But now we are on the verge of change. Granted we have been on the verge of change for months on end, but it’s not dead in the water until the fat retail owner sings.

    Our new mega money owners would certainly allow us to compete and quite possibly dominate.

    What a thought, Newcastle United to dominate English football in the coming decade?

    So to quote McFly at the high school prom:,

    ‘I guess you guys are not quite ready for that but your kids are going to love it.’

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