7 nights in Scarborough and I didn’t see a single Newcastle United shirt

    First time caller here.

    I have never previously written anything, for The Mag or anywhere else.

    Hopefully, this will make it onto the wonderful NUFC fan platform that is The Mag, even if it doesn’t though I feel that tapping something out on the keyboard will have done me some good anyway. Releasing the tensions and so on.

    I have just come back from a week in Scarborough with the family.

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    Had a great time, weather variable but mainly good, family behaved most of the time, plenty food and drink which always helps.

    Anyway, my holiday tale does have a point, with regard to our club.

    In the week that I was in Scarborough, I didn’t see a single Newcastle United shirt, not one.

    Now, we are regular visitors to the seaside resort, though usually go for two or three day breaks, unlike this one week staycation.

    One of the things that always keeps me amused is checking out the people wearing football shirts of the various clubs.

    At the top end, it is always a big contest between Liverpool and Man Utd (this is also at the trampy glory hunter end), those two shirts always way out in front in terms of popularity, with usually whichever team is doing best on the pitch at that particular time, edging it. No surprise this time then to see the Liverpool glory hunters ahead of their Man Utd rivals.

    For some reason, Leeds shirts were far more prevalent on this occasion than at any time these past 15 years of trips to Scarborough.

    A fair few Arsenal for some reason, Man City and Chelsea also seen, no Tottenham though.

    At the not so glory end of things, there were Middlesbrough shirts, a few Hartlepool and a single mackem one.

    However, not a single Newcastle United shirt.

    I would say pretty much every previous trip to Scarborough, Newcastle shirts are more predominant than all but the glory hunter big two, but it feels / felt like people have just finally had enough.

    I have seen people with the new NUFC kit on social media, showing off their purchases, but in Newcastle and where I live on the other side of the Tyne, still not a single one in the flesh.

    Bear in mind the new Newcastle United shirt was unveiled a week before I went to Scarborough and then promoted on that Sunday when the players wore it against Liverpool, it is even more astounding.

    Thing is as well, I didn’t even see anybody in Scarborough wearing old / retro Newcastle tops.

    It really does feel like fans have stored everything NUFC away, wanting to forget about it all.

    It has been coming for a long time under Mike Ashley, this overwhelming feeling of just what is the point anymore of allowing yourself to get excited, or even interested, in Newcastle United. Apart from habit that is and the social aspect of it all, meeting up with your mates before and after matches.

    With the pubs reopening I have been back hooking up with my mates (in a virus respectful way…) and the conversations have been overwhelmingly about Newcastle United. However, it is all about the negatives, the takeover delayed forever and then collapsing, stuck with Ashley still, the added nightmare of having Bruce at the club and so on.

    Newcastle United are surely the only Premier League club where fans not being allowed into grounds next month for the new season will be a relief. NUFC supporters not having to make the decision of whether to go or not.

    The virus situation is of course a nightmare for everybody but football is usually a great escape from your every day stresses in life, including that new one. Even if you are restricted to only watching on TV for the time being, with a takeover everybody would have been buzzing.

    It feels to me that so many of us saw the consortium taking over as the last chance saloon, this was it – all or nothing, the takeover giving us hope once again OR surely doomed to just many more years of Mike Ashley nonsense and misery.

    The Saudis clearly paying a premium, willing to pay more than the club is actually worth, I don’t see any chance of anybody else willing to give Ashley enough to get him out. Our hopes standing or falling on the success or otherwise of this Saudi / Staveley / Reuben bid.

    I can only be envious of those Leeds fans I saw in Scarborough, back in the PL after all that time and able to dream again.

    Even West Brom and Fulham fans, they will be in such a different mindset to ourselves.

    I will always be a Newcastle fan but as things stand, I won’t be giving the club a single penny until Ashley goes.

    Yes, he has had a shock with this PL farce stopping the Saudi bid BUT reality is, that if something is put up for sale at a price to sell, it will be sold.

    So if Mike Ashley remains as NUFC owner it is only because he has wanted far more than the club is worth, as has been the case these past 12 years. The FCB pretending he was genuinely trying to sell.

    Already looking forward to my next trip to Scarborough…

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