1,143 letters sent to MPs in 90 minutes on Newcastle United takeover – Join them with this 1 minute process

    All credit to those fans who have already searched out and written to their MP, asking for the Premier League to be pressurised into answering questions relating to their handling of the Newcastle United takeover.

    Making a decision either way was one thing BUT refusing to make a decision and leaving everybody hanging endlessly, is unacceptable.

    To then show zero transparency to Newcastle fans in particular on the never ending takeover saga decision, takes it to another level.

    To help Newcastle fans do their bit and help involve their MPs, the NUST (Newcastle United Supporters Trust) have came up with an ingenious way to make it as easy as possible.

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    After releasing a statement earlier this morning (see below), they have now provided an easy template to use which provides a standard letter (see below) to be sent to your MP, or you can write your own.

    It is literally a one minute job even for a technophobe such as myself, when you enter your postcode it then ensures your letter is emailed to the MP for your own constituency.

    This is the intro you will see after clicking HERE to start the process of sending the email to your MP:

    Write to your MP to demand transparency from the Premier League over the NUFC takeover

    ‘The Premier League has sat on the prospective takeover of Newcastle United for 17 weeks (and counting) which has led to the collapse of the deal. Answers are now needed.

    United we stand a far greater chance of getting a resolution we desire. We have got to come together as a fan base and this is your opportunity to write to your elected representative and demand action from the Premier League.

    For the sake of the future of the football club and the North East, if there is a small chance, we can get answers from the Premier League and get an explanation we must come together and we must do it now’

    Then this is the template letter which will be sent when you click send, unless you want to personalise it:

    ‘I am writing to you as a constituent. As my local MP I would urge you to help me and thousands of other Newcastle United supporters get answers from the Premier League.

    On 5th August 2020 Newcastle United Supporters Trust wrote a statement asking that they support our call for transparency from the Premier League.

    I am not writing to ask you to comment on the takeover of a football club or indeed a football matter. I am calling for you to help me get answers from the Premier League on their process:

    I ask that you write directly to the Premier League and ask them:

    1) Why did a process which generally takes a month last so long, 17 weeks and counting, without coming to any decision?

    2) Is it true that several Premier League clubs objected to the takeover and what influence do the views of competing clubs have in the approval process?

    3) Do you agree that it is unacceptable to leave loyal fans in such doubt for so long and that the process needs to be improved? For example, it is clear certainly press was briefed but there was no dialogue or engagement with fans at all?

    4) Do you think it is fair that Newcastle United has been left severely disadvantaged as a consequence of the delay?

    The supporters of Newcastle United have been ignored by the Premier League. The Premier League may have sound reasons for drawing out the takeover process for more than four months and the Premier League may have done everything they needed to do to protect their business and Newcastle United.

    We, the members of the Supporters Trust firmly believe our elected representatives must come together to get answers for football supporters.

    Please support the Newcastle United Supports Trust get the answers we deserve from the Premier League. Support the cross-party call to action.’

    So click HERE to do the one minute process of sending a letter to your MP, with already 1,143 other NUFC fans having done so by 10.30am on Wednesday morning.

    Official NUST (Newcastle United Supporters Trust) Statement – Wednesday 5 August 2020:

    ‘The North East of England has recently missed out on potentially hundreds of millions of pounds of investment from a consortium of investors who have recently tried to buy Newcastle United.

    This region has long been starved of the kind of investment in infrastructure and housing that other parts of the United Kingdom have benefited from.

    The collapse of the purchase of Newcastle United has potentially robbed the North East of a huge opportunity.

    Both PCP, PIF and the Reuben Brothers have publicly commented on large scale plans for investment in the whole region, not just the city of Newcastle upon Tyne.

    The supporters of Newcastle United have been ignored by the Premier League.

    The people of the North East have been ignored by the Premier League.

    The Premier League may have sound reasons for drawing out the takeover process for more than four months and the Premier League may have done everything they needed to do to protect their business and Newcastle United.

    However, there must be transparency after the process has completed. Answers must be provided about decisions which affect millions of people in our region.

    So far, the silence from the Premier League suggests they believe the people of the North East don’t matter and that we don’t deserve answers.

    The Trust has over 14,000 paying members across the North East and we are calling on local politicians to come together to request that the Premier League provide answers to supporters about this process.

    This is not about Newcastle United or even just the Tyneside region. The economy of the whole North East would have benefited from this investment.

    The aim is to better understand a process that has denied this region of investment when it needs it most.

    The people of this region shouldn’t be kept in the dark about decisions that affect them the most.’

    (To join 14,000+ other fans as members of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust go HERE)

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